foobar2000 1.6.8 正式版发布

foobar2000是一款Windows 平台下的高级音频播放器,包含了一些播放增益支持、低内存占用等基本特色以及内置支持一些流行的音频格式,支持强大的界面扩展和插件以及出色的音效。foobar2000的定位是专业数字音频播放工具,是一款出色的播放器。‘



Fixed visual glitches when scrolling lists horizontally with mouse wheel through Logitech software.

Improved output format negotiation with exclusive output.

Fixed failure to install components from store-mode (uncompressed) zip archives.

Improved handling of malformed FLAC files, prevented crash from too many cuesheet entries.

Correct reporting of AC3 channel count in MP4 files even without AC3 component installed (before it would incorrectly report stereo).

Allowed UTF-8 cuesheets without UTF-8 header.

Fixed htmlspecialchars misuse in component update list / component page link.

Mapped MP4 @mvn field to „movement name“.

Prevented the same folder from being added more than once to the Media Library.

Properties dialog: deferred logging of user-entered field names for the dropdown list until the tags are saved, effectively preventing typos from being remembered.

Fixed a bug causing alt+f4 (and possibly other keyboard events) to be disregarded if mouse pointer is above specific interactive portion of a window (list controls, buttons in editboxes).

Improved handling of files with malformed APE tags – some files were entirely unplayable.

More thorough ‘remove tags’ for Vorbis, Opus and Musepack.

Fixed text truncation in ReplayGain Scanner preferences page.

Made possible to add attached pictures by drag and drop to relevant Properties dialog page.

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