Microsoft Edge浏览器迎来新版发布,详细版本号为v97.0.1072.55,Microsoft Edge浏览器基于谷歌Chromium内核,全新界面更加清爽现代化,全面支持全局翻译、阅读模式、第三方扩展插件以及人声语音朗读等各种功能。此外,全新独立版内存占用大幅优化,相对来说更省电、流畅,较适合笔记本用户,全面支持兼容所有平台。The Microsoft Edge browser ushered in a new version release. The detailed version number is v97.0.1072.55. The Microsoft Edge browser is based on the Google Chromium kernel. The new interface is more refreshing and modern, and it fully supports global translation, reading mode, third-party extensions and human voice. Various functions such as reading aloud. In addition, the memory usage of the new standalone version has been greatly optimized, which is relatively more power-efficient and smoother. It is more suitable for notebook users and is fully compatible with all platforms.
New version changes Microsoft Edge v97.0.1072.55 (2022-01-07)
Microsoft Edge Stable Channel Release Notes Microsoft Edge v97 official release major update, – use when multiple work or education accounts are signed in on one device The current profile login website.
– Added support for Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on macOS.
– Automatic HTTPS, users can upgrade navigation from HTTP to HTTPS on domains that may support this more secure protocol.
– Block WebSQL in 3rd party context, the use of legacy WebSQL functionality will be blocked in 3rd party frameworks.
– Control Flow Guard (CFG), Microsoft Edge will start supporting more granular protection by fighting memory corruption vulnerabilities and protecting indirect calls.
Microsoft Edge v96 official version major update, – Tab Groups: Keep Your Tabs Organized Group related tabs and customize them with names and colors. Click a tab group to collapse or expand it.
– Password Health: View the health of your saved passwords Microsoft Edge can now show how strong a saved password is and tell you if it’s been used on other websites.
– Highlights: Organize your whimsy with Highlights Whether you’re shopping, planning a trip, or taking notes, Highlights helps you capture your whimsy online. No matter what you do on the web, Highlights can help.
– Vertical Tabs: View and manage tabs from the sidebar Vertical tabs move tabs to a pane on the side so you can easily see the title and controls of each open tab.
The main update of the official version of Microsoft Edge v95, this time to meet the Windows 11 theme style, brings Fluent design elements to the browser’s menu and right-click menu operations. The right-click menu has added a translucent frosted glass style, and the border shadow effect can be vaguely discernible even in a dark background. The right-click menu item group also adopts the Windows 11 small icon design style and shortcut key tips. In addition, the experience of favorites, downloads, password management, etc. has been improved.
The main update to the official version of Microsoft Edge v94 patched a critical Chromium-based Use-After-Free (UAF) vulnerability with ID “CVE-2021-37973” that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code after successful exploitation, A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service condition on the system. Since Microsoft Edge’s update now follows Chromium’s update, shifting from the previous 6-week to 4-week release cycle, the Chrome browser is also shifting to a 4-week release cycle, starting with Chrome 94, which was released earlier this week.
The main update of the official version of Microsoft Edge v93, a new modern scroll bar designed to cater to Windows 11, ushered in some experimental features in Microsoft Edge 93, enabling Chrome-like tab grouping, designed to help users find, switch and manage efficiently Bookmark page. The new tab group feature makes it easy to organize browser tabs into different groups. Also optimized for vertical tabs (moves all open tabs to the left pane of the web browser), a new option to hide the title bar, various security updates and small changes to IE mode.
Download address Microsoft Edge v97.0.1072.55 Stable 64-bit official official version offline installation package Edge v97.0.1072.55 Stable 32-bit official official version offline installation package Edge v97.0.1072.55 Stable 32-bit official official version offline installation package ://


Microsoft Edge v97.0.1072.55(2022-01-07)

Microsoft Edge Stable 渠道发行说明

Microsoft Edge v97正式版主要更新,
– 当一个设备上有多个工作或教育账户登录时,使用当前配置文件登录网站。
– 在macOS上增加对Microsoft Endpoint数据丢失防护(DLP)的支持。
– 自动HTTPS,用户可以在可能支持这种更安全协议的域上将导航从HTTP升级到HTTPS。
– 在第三方背景下阻止WebSQL,遗留的WebSQL功能的使用将被阻止在第三方框架中。
– 控制流保护(CFG),Microsoft Edge将开始通过打击内存损坏漏洞和保护间接调用来支持更精细度的保护。

Microsoft Edge v96正式版主要更新,
– 标签页组:让您的标签页保持井然有序
– 密码运行状况:查看已保存密码的运行状况
现在,Microsoft Edge 可以显示已保存密码的强弱,并告诉您是否在其他网站上使用过该密码。
– 集锦:使用“集锦”整理您的奇思妙想
– 垂直标签:从侧边栏查看和管理标签页

Microsoft Edge v95正式版主要更新,本次以迎合Windows 11主题风格为浏览器的菜单及右键菜单操作带来了Fluent设计元素。右键菜单加入了半透明的毛玻璃风格,边框阴影效果即便在黑暗背景下也可隐约可辨。右键菜单项目组也一致采用了Windows 11小图标的设计风格和快捷键提示。另外还改进了收藏、下载、密码管理等体验。

Microsoft Edge v94正式版主要更新,修补了一个基于Chromium的Use-After-Free(UAF)的关键漏洞,该漏洞ID为”CVE-2021-37973″,可能允许攻击者在成功利用后执行任意代码,远程攻击者可以利用这个漏洞执行任意代码或导致系统出现拒绝服务情况。由于微软Edge的更新现在跟随Chromium的更新,从之前6周到现在4周发布周期的转换,Chrome浏览器也从本周早些时候发布的Chrome 94开始转为4周的发布周期。

Microsoft Edge v93正式版主要更新,迎合Windows 11而设计的全新现代滚动条,在Microsoft Edge 93中迎来一些实验性功能,启用了类似Chrome的标签页分组,旨在帮助用户高效查找、切换和管理标签页。全新的标签组功能,使其能够轻松地将浏览器标签组织成不同的组。此外优化了垂直标签功能(将所有打开的标签移动到网页浏览器左侧的窗格中),有了隐藏标题栏的新选项,各种安全更新和IE模式的小变化。


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