RTX30 显卡挖wk 矿被破解 NVIDIA新驱动闪电封杀!但又留了一手

近日,破解团队NiceHash的开发者宣布,已经成功100%破解了NVIDIA RTX 30全系显卡的挖矿限制,LHR限制算法全部被绕过,同时:NBminer 和 T-rex等挖矿软件,已经100%破解算力限制。

不过很快,NVIDIA就出手了,最新发布的GeForce 512.95版驱动,已经重新限制RTX 30系列挖矿算力,恢复到此前锁定的50-70%。

实测显示,RTX 3060 LHR此前破解过的以太坊挖矿算力是46MH/s,而更新驱动后,只剩下了25MH/s。

但很邪门的是,NVIDIA并没有完全下死手,因为想挖矿的话可以随时重新安装GeForce 512.77版旧驱动,算力又回来了……

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早在去年3月份,NVIDIA“不小心”放出一款开发者驱动,意外破解了RTX 3060的挖矿限制,直到一个半月之后的GeForce 466.27版驱动才重新锁定。

RTX30 graphics card mining wk mine was cracked NVIDIA new driver lightning blocked! But keep it

Recently, the developers of the cracking team NiceHash announced that they have successfully cracked 100% of the mining restrictions of all NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards, and the LHR restriction algorithm has been bypassed. Break the computing power limit.

But soon, NVIDIA took action. The newly released GeForce 512.95 driver has re-limited the mining power of the RTX 30 series, returning to 50-70% of the previously locked value.

The actual measurement shows that the RTX 3060 LHR has previously cracked the Ethereum mining power of 46MH/s, but after updating the driver, only 25MH/s is left.

But it is very strange that NVIDIA did not completely kill, because if you want to mine, you can reinstall the old GeForce 512.77 driver at any time, and the computing power is back…

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As early as March last year, NVIDIA “accidentally” released a developer driver that accidentally cracked the RTX 3060 mining limit, and it was not re-locked until the GeForce 466.27 driver a month and a half later.