海贼王 航海王 One Piece# 和之国大战,四皇凯多会死吗?史上最强推测:会

海贼王 航海王 One Piece# 和之国大战,四皇凯多会死吗?史上最强推测:会  终极boos 黑胡子将以三恶魔果实形态出现!

The One Piece cartoon is actually very sensitive to the concept of death. So far, there are only a handful of characters who have died in the true sense. The more “famous” dead: Ace, Whitebeard, Fisher Tiger, etc. . But these “deaths” are to further shape this character. So death in the Pirate World is very “precious”. Even so, why does Kaido still “must die”?
1. In all the four emperors, enough “evil”
In all the settings of the four emperors, the red-haired and white-bearded two have a positive image, so naturally there is no need to say more. Aunt and Kaido, since the introduction of the character “nun” in the aunt’s memoirs, has greatly increased the possibility of aunt’s whitewashing. And Kaido alone, this character setting is militant, dominant, and dictatorial. This may represent the purest and most powerful “evil” among the pirates in the “old age”. In this setting, Kaido is also the most “dangerous” of all the four emperors.
2. The Law of the Sword In the middle of the comics, the red-haired Shanks went to the White Beard Pirates alone to persuade and summon Ace to return. For the first time in this plot, there was a head-on confrontation between two “royal” characters. , The sky was cracked by this confrontation. At that time, White Beard stood on the left.
In the latest Wano Country, Mitian’s Memories, White Beard and Roger are facing the sword, but at that time it was Roger standing on the left.
After these two confrontations, the characters on the left seemed to end in death.
In this ghost island, Kaido and Lingling are facing the knife, Kaido is standing on the left at this time.
This sounds a bit metaphysical, but with Oda’s skill, when designing these famous scenes, especially the big scenes of two emperor class confrontations, they will definitely be conceived of nothing in detail. The position on the left of Kaido is his biggest reminder. 3. In order to explain the “inevitability” of Kaido’s death, Blackbeard must be mentioned. First of all, we all know that Blackbeard is almost the biggest one appointed by Oda. The villain of Luffy, he has a completely different food taste from Luffy, and his fleet is very similar to Luffy’s fleet staffing, and he has the same name as Luffy, etc. All of these are the author telling readers that this person is unusual, yes The old enemy theory in the pirate world.
The biggest feature of Blackbeard is that he can have two fruits at the same time. What is the specific operation? There are a lot of analyses. I will not do too much understanding of the mechanism here, because this is not the point. The point is that Blackbeard can not only have two fruits, he can have three! !
There are two aspects to support this speculation evidence: 1. The Pirate Banner of the Blackbeard Pirates. This Pirate Banner is composed of three skulls. They are facing left and right and forward. He appears not many times, but It is indeed part of Oda’s setting. Believe me, Oda will not aimlessly on the Pirate Flag, which can represent the most distinctive feature of the Pirate Group. I personally guess that these three skulls are the three personalities of Blackbeard. These three personalities lead to a fruitful ability for each of them. Of course, the “three personalities” are more like a speculation on the mechanism. There are too many variables to explain, it depends on how Oda told us. But the number “three” is not deceiving.
2. Let’s analyze the fruits that Blackbeard already has. Shaking Fruit: Oda personally admitted on SBS that Shaking Fruit is the strongest “Superman” fruit.
The dark fruit: It is the first fruit that Blackbeard obtained from dormant on the Whitebeard Boat for many years. He is a “natural”. He has not clearly stated his ranking for the natural fruit Oda, but considering the careerist such as Blackbeard, It has been dormant for many years for it, and we will temporarily make it the “pseudo-strongest natural fruit”.
In the world of pirates, there are only three types of devil fruits, superhuman, natural and animal. Now that Blackbeard has the “strongest” of the two species, can the “strongest” fruit of the third animal line be far away?
The strongest “animal fruit”, although Oda did not clearly inform, but I have very reason to believe that it is the “dragon fruit” in Kaido’s body.
Before the Wano country chapter, Oda has already told readers, “The decisive battle of Wano country chapter will be beyond the scale of the big event.” Just like the ending of the last big event, the navy and Shirobeard were exhausted. , The black beard sits to reap the benefits of the fisherman and loses the white beard’s fruit. In this larger incident, Blackbeard will still be the “fisherman”. After Luffy defeats Kaido, Blackbeard will get Kaido’s “Dragon Fruit”, and Kaido’s ending will naturally be silent. And metaphorical.
At the end of the country, Blackbeard, Luffy’s biggest enemy in the Pirate World, finally became complete, holding the three “strongest” fruits and becoming the final boss, just like the “before dawn” that all comics will create. “The darkest night” is the same, and this Luffy’s “dark night” is called Blackbeard.
Of course, of course, all of this is my guess. I might get slapped. I also hope to get slapped, because I very much believe that Oda will give me a better one than I thought, and the so-called “analysis”. Wonderful ending.
Now that the decisive battle with the country has begun, let us wait quietly.