Debian 11.2版发布 包括Log4j漏洞在内的安全问题修复

Debian 11.2今天发布,作为今年早些时候首发的”Bullseye”的最新Point版,主要针对错误和安全问题提供最新的软件包更新。使得Debian 11.2更加引人注目的是一个更新的Apache Log4j版本,因为这个令所有服务器管理员胆寒的的安全问题在过去一周里被曝光。Debian 11.2 is released today, as the latest Point version of “Bullseye” that was first released earlier this year. It mainly provides the latest software package updates for bugs and security issues. What makes Debian 11.2 more compelling is an updated version of Apache Log4j, because this security issue that makes all server administrators fearful was exposed in the past week.
Image.jpg also has solutions for various other security issues, such as adding a new version of containerd, repairing wget to handle downloads over 2GB on 32-bit systems, and so on.
The following is the announcement of You can download and learn more about the changes in Debian 11.2 through this page:

还有其他各种安全问题的解决,例如加入新版 containerd,修复 wget 以处理 32 位系统上超过 2GB 的下载,等等。

以下是Debian.org的发布公告,可以通过这个页面下载和了解更多关于Debian 11.2的变化细节: