当然,当作家尼尔·斯蒂芬森 (Neal Stephenson)在1992年的科幻小说《雪崩》(Snow Crash)中提出这一概念的时候,肯定也想不到会有今天的局面。Speaking of the most popular concept in recent times, “Metaverse” definitely does my part.
Of course, when writer Neal Stephenson put forward this concept in the 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash,” he certainly did not expect it to be where it is today.
With the passage of time, the concept of meta-universe is also different from the past. It is now described as the ultimate dream of the digital world. Ways to allow billions of users around the world to work, entertain, collaborate, and socialize.
After the World Wide Web and the mobile Internet, Meta Universe is likely to become the next major computing platform.
Since it is a computing platform, it needs strong software, hardware and computing power support, especially the demand for high computing power and low latency, which is exponentially increasing. At the same time, innovations must be made at the storage and network levels, and even the entire The basic technologies of the connected experience all need major upgrades.
At the moment, we are at the forefront of a new round of computing revolution. Movie screens, game animations, VR/AR equipment, decentralized digital finance, etc., are all changing people’s lifestyles.
Metacosm challenges ultra-high computing power and ultra-low latency! Intel: I have been researching for five years. As the world’s leading chip manufacturer, Intel is also actively participating in the world of Metaverse with its advanced technology and products, and has put forward its own unique concept.
Intel summarizes the technical cornerstones of Meta Universe into three layers, the highest of which is the meta intelligence layer, which can provide a unified programming model, open software development tools, and software development libraries, making it easier for developers to deploy complex Applications.
In the middle is the meta ops layer, as the computing infrastructure, focusing on providing users with available computing power beyond local computing.
At the bottom is the meta compute layer, which provides the primitive computing resources needed to realize the meta-universe experience.
Metacosm challenges ultra-high computing power and ultra-low latency! Intel: I have been studying for five years, Raja Koduri, Intel’s senior vice president and general manager of the accelerated computing system and graphics business unit, proposed in an interview to realize the virtual experience of “Avalanche” and “Player One” , It needs 1000 times the current level of computing power.
In the past five years, Intel has been working silently to prepare the computing architecture, which is also necessary to build the meta-universe, especially to provide Petaflop level (petaflops of floating point operations per second) computing power, and in real-time application scenarios The delay in is less than 10 milliseconds.
Why are you talking about meta universe at this time? Of course, Intel is not only following the industry concept, but has its own thinking.
Metacosm challenges ultra-high computing power and ultra-low latency! Intel: I have been researching for five years, Raja said, mainly considering that Intel’s first high-performance graphics card used to build the cornerstone of the meta-universe technology will be released in the next few months.
If you talk about it prematurely, such as one year before the product launch, it feels a bit on paper. Intel will launch the first batch of high-performance graphics cards early in 2022, and is committed to deepening its popularity in the next 4-5 years.
The Xe GPU architecture built by Intel is gradually becoming a reality. Among them, the low-power Xe LP has been implemented, including the core display for the Core processor and the exclusive display for the entry-level consumer; the high-performance Xe HPG is coming soon, brand new Alchemist, the first product of the Ruixuan series, will arrive in the first quarter of next year, covering all desktops, notebooks, and workstations; the Xe HPC for high-performance computing is also fully advancing, and the first product Ponte Vecchio has been displayed many times. It will also be born in 2022 and will be used to realize exascale supercomputers.







Intel将元宇宙的技术基石概括为了三层,其中最高的是元智能层(meta intelligence layer),可以提供统一的编程模型、开放的软件开发工具和软件开发库,方便开发者更轻松地部署复杂的应用。

中间的是元操作层(meta ops layer),作为计算基础架构,重点向用户提供超越本地计算的可用算力。

底部的则是元计算层(meta compute layer),为实现元宇宙体验提供所需的原始就算资源。


Intel高级副总裁兼加速计算系统和图形事业部总经理Raja Koduri在接受采访时就提出,要想实现《雪崩》和《头号玩家》(Player One)中天马行空的虚拟体验,就需要1000倍于现在的算力水平。






Intel全力打造的Xe GPU架构正在逐步化为现实,其中低功耗的Xe LP已经落地,包括用于酷睿处理器的核显、针对入门消费级的独显;

高性能的Xe HPG即将到来,全新的锐炫系列首款产品Alchemist(炼金术师)会在明年第一季度到来,桌面、笔记本、工作站全都覆盖;

高性能计算的Xe HPC也在全力推进,首款产品Ponte Vecchio已经多次展示,也会在2022年诞生,并将用于实现百亿亿次超级计算机。