240W USB Type-C数据线认证开放:极端电压超过50V

2021年5月,USB协会颁布了2.1版本的USB Type-C数据线、充电器标准,其中最重要的更新是将支持的最高电压从20V大幅提升至48V,同时电流5A,最高功率因此达到240W。

In May 2021, the USB Association promulgated the 2.1 version of the USB Type-C data cable and charger standard. The most important update is to greatly increase the maximum supported voltage from 20V to 48V, while the current is 5A, and the maximum power reaches 240W. .

The extreme operating voltage may even be as high as 50.9V, so the withstand voltage of the built-in VBUS capacitor of the data line needs to be higher than 50.9V, which is different from the previous 100W standard.

After more than half a year of preparation, on December 14, the USB Association finally officially opened the 240W EPR Type-C data line certification, where EPR stands for “Extended Power Range”.

At the same time, the original 20V/5A 100W USB Type-C data cable will stop certification after December 22.

It is worth mentioning that the certified 240W (EPR) USB Type-C data cable will have a special logo, of which the color is used for packaging and tag labels, and the black one is used for printing on the outer film of the data cable male connector, which is convenient for consumers Recognition.

极端工作电压甚至可能高达50.9V ,所以要求数据线内置的VBUS电容的耐压值需要高于50.9V,和此前100W标准不同。

经过半年多的准备,12月14日,USB协会终于正式开放了240W EPR Type-C数据线认证,其中的EPR代表“Extended Power Range”(扩展供电范围)。

同时,原来20V/5A 100W USB Type-C数据线将在12月22日后停止认证。

值得一提的是,通过认证的240W (EPR) USB Type-C数据线,会有专用Logo,其中彩色的用于包装和挂牌标签,黑色的用于数据线公头外膜印刷,便于消费者识别。