Windows 10 2021 November update finalized 19044.1288 official ISO image download

This morning, Microsoft officially announced Windows 10 November 2021 Update (November 2021 Update), which is 21H2. The final version number of 21H2 was finalized as Build 19044.1288. Interestingly, this is better than this week’s Build 19044.1319 (KB5006738). It seems 1288 has been verified and also meets the quality standards, and its first open preview is actually on October 12th.

The updates at that time included adding GPU computing support for Windows Subsystem for Linux, adding WPA3 H2E encryption, and so on.

At the same time, the ISO image of Build 19044.1288 is also online simultaneously, and Insider members can download it for free from Microsoft’s official website.

The picture shows the ISO download options currently visible to Insider members. If you want an OTA update, make sure you are in the Release Preview channel, and then manually check for the update and you can search for it.

In addition, Microsoft said that a face recognition authentication mechanism called Windows Hello for Business cloud deployment is still under development and will be delivered to 21H2 users in the future.

Judging from the current progress, the official version of Win10 2021 November update should be fully pushed before the end of the year.

For Windows Insider project users of the Release Preview, today Microsoft released the latest version of the Windows 10 21H2 feature update, Build 19044.1288. In addition, for those users who do not want to join the Windows Insider project, Microsoft has also released an ISO image of the system version.

At present, Windows 10 21H2 users have already obtained the Build 19044.1319 preview update two days ago, and it is expected to be released on the Patch Tuesday event day in November. For those users who have not upgraded their Windows 10 21H1 to 21H2, they will first get the lower 19044.1288, and will not be able to upgrade until Patch Tuesday in the second week of November.

Microsoft pointed out that once updated to Windows 10 21H2 version, users will continue to automatically receive new service updates through Windows Update.

Microsoft also announced that the new Windows Hello for Business deployment method called “cloud trust” that was originally planned to be launched with 21H2 has now been postponed. The company said it is currently “still in the development process” and will feature in November 2021. After the update is released, the follow-up will be released through monthly updates.

Windows 10 2021十一月更新敲定19044.1288 官方ISO镜像下载

今晨,微软正式宣布Windows 10 November 2021 Update(2021十一月更新),也就是21H2。21H2的最终版本号敲定为Build 19044.1288,有趣的是,这比本周的Build 19044.1319(KB5006738),看来1288经过验证,同样符合质量标准,其首次开放预览实在10月12日。

当时的更新内容包括为Windows Subsystem for Linux加入GPU运算支持、新增WPA3 H2E加密等。

与此同时,Build 19044.1288的ISO镜像也同步上线,Insider会员可从微软官网免费下载。

图为Insider会员目前可见的ISO下载选项如果希望OTA更新的话,那么确保自己处于Release Preview通道,然后手动检查更新就可以搜索到了。

另外,微软表示,名为Windows Hello for Business云部署人脸识别认证机制还在开发中,未来会送达21H2用户。

就目前的进展来看,Win10 2021十一月更新正式版应该会在年底前开始全面推送。

面向 Release Preview 的 Windows Insider 项目用户,今天微软发布了 Windows 10 21H2 功能更新的最新版本 Build 19044.1288。此外对于那些不希望加入 Windows Insider 项目的用户,微软还发布了该系统版本的 ISO 镜像。

目前已经 Windows 10 21H2 用户在两天前已经获得了 Build 19044.1319 预览版更新,预估将于 11 月的补丁星期二活动日发布。对于那些还没有将他们的 Windows 10 21H1 升级到 21H2 的用户来说,他们将首先得到较低的 19044.1288,直到 11 月第 2 周的补丁星期二才能升级。

微软指出,一旦更新到 Windows 10 21H2 版本,用户将继续通过 Windows Update 自动接收新的服务更新。

微软还宣布,原计划与 21H2 一起推出的被称为“云信任”(cloud trust)的新 Windows Hello for Business 部署方法现在被推迟了,公司表示目前“仍在开发过程中”,在 November 2021 功能更新发布之后后续通过每月更新的方式发布。