Windows Terminal 将成为 Windows 11 的默认终端程序

Windows Terminal 项目经理 Kayla Cinnamon 在一篇博客文章中指出,该团队计划在 2022 年让 Windows Terminal 成为 Windows 11 设备的默认体验。Windows Terminal project manager Kayla Cinnamon pointed out in a blog post that the team plans to make Windows Terminal the default experience for Windows 11 devices in 2022.
Users will be able to find this setting in multiple places: in the developer settings page of the Windows settings, in the Windows Terminal settings of the startup page, and in the properties table of the Windows console host.
The specific promotion plan is to start with the Windows Insider Program, and begin to promote through the ring network, and continue until all Windows 11 installations.
According to the introduction, the default terminal is the terminal emulator that is started by default when opening the command line application. Since the birth of Windows, the default terminal emulator has been the Windows console host conhost.exe. This means that shells such as Command Prompt and PowerShell are always opened in the Windows console host.
For a long time, users have been unable to easily replace the console host. Kayla said that although there is third-party support to make it possible, it has never really been supported. “Now, we are opening up features to allow other terminals to be set as default, including Windows terminals.”
Windows Terminal will release a servicing release this month; the next functional version is planned to be released in January next year.
For details, please check the official blog.

用户将可以在多个地方找到此设置:在 Windows 设置的开发者设置页面内、在启动页面的 Windows Terminal 设置内、以及在 Windows 控制台主机属性表内。

具体的推进计划为,将从 Windows Insider Program 开始,并开始通过环形网络进行推广,一直持续到所有 Windows 11 的安装。

根据介绍,默认终端是在打开命令行应用程序时默认启动的终端模拟器。从 Windows 诞生之日起,默认的终端模拟器一直是 Windows 控制台主机 conhost.exe。这意味着诸如 Command Prompt 和 PowerShell 等 shell 始终是在 Windows 控制台主机内打开。

长期以来,用户都无法轻松更换控制台主机。Kayla 称,虽然有存在第三方支持使其成为可能,但它却从未真正得到过支持。“现在,我们正在开放功能以允许将其他终端设置为默认,包括 Windows 终端。”

Windows Terminal 将在本月发布一个 servicing release;下一个功能版本则计划于明年 1 月发布。