ChatGPT — Release Notes

ChatGPT Mar 14 Version. Free Research Preview. Our goal is to make AI systems more natural and safe to interact with. Your feedback will help us improve.


Release Notes (March 14)
We’re excited to bring GPT-4, our latest model, to our ChatGPT Plus subscribers.


GPT-4 has enhanced capabilities in:

Advanced reasoning

Complex instructions

More creativity

To give every Plus subscriber a chance to try the model, we’ll dynamically adjust the cap for GPT-4 usage based on demand. You can learn more about GPT-4 here.


For this release, there are no updates to free accounts.


Release Notes (Feb 13)
We’ve made several updates to ChatGPT! Here’s what’s new:

We’ve updated performance of the ChatGPT model on our free plan in order to serve more users.

Based on user feedback, we are now defaulting Plus users to a faster version of ChatGPT, formerly known as “Turbo”. We’ll keep the previous version around for a while.

We rolled out the ability to purchase ChatGPT Plus internationally.


Release Notes (Feb 9)
As we recently announced, our Plus plan comes with early access to new, experimental features. We are beginning to roll out a way for Plus users the ability to choose between different versions of ChatGPT:

Default: the standard ChatGPT model

Turbo: optimized for speed (alpha)

Version selection is made easy with a dedicated dropdown menu at the top of the page. Depending on feedback, we may roll out this feature (or just Turbo) to all users soon.


Release Notes (Jan 30)
We’ve upgraded the ChatGPT model with improved factuality and mathematical capabilities.


Release Notes (Jan 9)
We’re excited to announce several updates to ChatGPT! Here’s what’s new:

We made more improvements to the ChatGPT model! It should be generally better across a wide range of topics and has improved factuality.

Stop generating: Based on your feedback, we’ve added the ability to stop generating ChatGPT’s response


Release Notes (Dec 15)
We’re excited to announce several updates to ChatGPT! Here’s what’s new:

General performance: Among other improvements, users will notice that ChatGPT is now less likely to refuse to answer questions.

Conversation history: You’ll soon be able to view past conversations with ChatGPT, rename your saved conversations and delete the ones you don’t want to keep. We are gradually rolling out this feature.

Daily limit: To ensure a high-quality experience for all ChatGPT users, we are experimenting with a daily message cap. If you’re included in this group, you’ll be presented with an option to extend your access by providing feedback to ChatGPT.

To see if you’re using the updated version, look for “ChatGPT Dec 15 Version” at the bottom of the screen.