Screen To Gif 2.35.2 发布,动画录制软件

Screen to Gif is a convenient and easy-to-use little software that can be used to quickly record a designated area on the screen and save it directly as a GIF animation file.
At present, Screen To Gif 2.35.2 has been released. The specific update content is as follows: What’s new?
If this installer cannot be updated from v2.34.1 or earlier, please download and run it manually.
It’s just a bug fix.
Fixed when applying the smooth loop function from the beginning, a warning message will appear, but the frames will be deleted anyway.
If you set up SharpDx before, the installation process will still fail (error 2711).
More info update instructions for known issues:

Screen to Gif 是一款方便好用的小软件,可以用来快速录制屏幕上的指定区域,将其直接保存为 GIF 动画文件。

目前,Screen To Gif 2.35.2 已完成发布。具体更新内容如下:

What’s new?

如果此安装程序无法从 v2.34.1 或更早版本更新,请手动下载并运行它。


从一开始就应用 smooth loop 功能时,会出现一条警告消息,但无论如何都会删除 frames。
如果你之前设置了 SharpDx,安装过程仍然会失败(error 2711)。

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