Opera 是一个多平台网络浏览器,由其同名公司 Opera 开发。Opera 如今是一个基于 Chromium 的浏览器。它通过其用户界面和其他功能将自己与其他浏览器区分开来。Opera is a multi-platform web browser developed by its namesake company, Opera. Opera is now a Chromium-based browser. It differentiates itself from other browsers by its user interface and other features.
Opera 83 was officially released recently. This version is based on Chromium 97. The specific updates are as follows:
Automatically pop up video
Opera, which introduced video meeting pop-ups last year, has now expanded the functionality even further, with Opera 83 now allowing any video to pop-up. For example, when a user is watching YouTube, after switching to another tab, the YouTube video of the previous tab will automatically pop up to play in a small window, and it will bounce back when you switch back to the original tab.
Other updates:
DNA-96079 Enable #automatic-video-popout feature in developer options
DNA-97070 Improve translation for Opera 83
DNA-97131 Auto video popup will be enabled on all streamers starting with Opera 84
DNA-97257 Fix crash at views::ImageButton::SetMinimumImageSize(gfx::Size const&)
DNA-96968 Fix alignment of Advanced button in settings
DNA-96780 Fix crash at ui::NativeTheme::RemoveObserver(ui::NativeThemeObserver*).
DNA-96861 Create Loomi options menu
DNA-96951 Fix the problem that the closing animation of the tab page is broken
DNA-96991 Fix close button on tabs not working properly
DNA-97027 Incorrect label size after closing the label
CHR-8723 Update Chromium to 97.0.4692.71
DNA-97259 Upgrade Opera 83 to stable

More details can be viewed: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog-for-83/

Opera 83 近日正式发布,该版本基于 Chromium 97,具体更新内容如下:


Opera 在去年推出视频会议弹出功能后,现在进一步扩展了该功能的适用范围,Opera 83 现在允许任何视频弹出。例如用户在观看 YouTube 时,当切换到另一个标签页后,上一个标签页的 YouTube 视频会自动弹出以小窗播放,而当你切换回原来的标签页时又会重新弹回。


  • DNA-96079 在开发者选项中开启 #automatic-video-popout(自动弹出视频)功能
  • DNA-97070 改进 Opera 83 的翻译
  • DNA-97131 从 Opera 84 开始将在所有流媒体上启用自动视频弹出功能
  • DNA-97257 修复在 views::ImageButton::SetMinimumImageSize(gfx::Size const&) 处的崩溃问题
  • DNA-96968 修复设置中 “高级” 按钮的对齐方式
  • DNA-96780 修复在 ui::NativeTheme::RemoveObserver(ui::NativeThemeObserver*) 处出现的崩溃。
  • DNA-96861 创建 Loomi 选项菜单
  • DNA-96951 修复标签页关闭动画被破坏的问题
  • DNA-96991 修复标签页上的关闭按钮不能正常工作的问题
  • DNA-97027 关闭标签后标签尺寸不正确
  • CHR-8723 将 Chromium 更新至 97.0.4692.71
  • DNA-97259 将 Opera 83 升级到稳定版
  • ……