Windows 预装应用程序工具 O&O AppBuster 汉化中文版汉化发布。在设置 Windows 10 和 11 时,Microsoft 不仅会单独安装操作系统,还会安装一系列附加应用程序——有些有用,有些则不太有用。 O&O AppBuster 可让您轻松快速地删除不需要的应用程序。 或者,如果您不小心卸载了这些应用程序之一,您也可以一键检索它们。

通过清晰简洁的界面,O&O AppBuster 会向您展示哪些 Microsoft 提供的 Windows 应用程序安装在您的计算机上,以及您可以根据要求安装哪些应用程序 – 甚至隐藏的应用程序也会显示在此处。

O&O AppBuster 中文版

在 O&O AppBuster 的帮助下,重新控制 Windows 10 和 11!
卸载 Microsoft 预装的应用程序(也是隐藏的应用程序!)
便携式版本 – 无需安装
操作系统:Microsoft® Windows 11 和 10
支持所有 Windows 10 和 11 版本

您是否注意到微软以及 Windows 10 和 11 默认安装了一组应用程序? 其中一些有意义且有用,但其中一些不是由 Microsoft 制造,而是由第三方供应商制造。 O&O AppBuster 让您再次控制您的 Windows!

现在您决定要在计算机上安装哪些应用程序。 为了让您尽可能轻松,我们将应用程序分为几类,并为您提供有关可以一键安全删除或重新安装哪些应用程序以及应该保留哪些应用程序的提示。

Windows pre-installed application tool O&O AppBuster Chinese version Chinese version is released. When setting up Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft installs not only the operating system alone, but also a bunch of additional apps—some useful, some less useful. O&O AppBuster lets you remove unwanted apps quickly and easily. Or, if you accidentally uninstall one of these apps, you can also retrieve them with one click.

With a clear and concise interface, O&O AppBuster shows you which Microsoft-provided Windows applications are installed on your computer, and which ones you can install on request – even hidden ones appear here.

O&O AppBuster Chinese

Take back control of Windows 10 and 11 with the help of O&O AppBuster!
Better control over your operating system
Uninstall Microsoft preinstalled apps (also hidden apps!)
Remove preinstalled third-party apps and protect your privacy
Reinstall accidentally deleted apps
Undo changes at any time by creating a system restore point
Portable version – no installation required
Free for private users, companies and educational institutions
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 11 and 10
Supports all Windows 10 and 11 editions

Did you notice that Microsoft and Windows 10 and 11 have a set of apps installed by default? Some of them are meaningful and useful, but some of them are not made by Microsoft, but by third-party vendors. O&O AppBuster puts you in control of your Windows again!

Now you decide which applications you want to install on your computer. To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve divided apps into categories and given you tips on which apps can be safely removed or reinstalled with one click, and which ones you should keep.

O&O AppBuster License

O&O AppBuster is completely free and requires no installation – it runs directly on your computer. And it doesn’t install or download retroactively unwanted or unnecessary software like many other programs do today – no junkware!

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O&O AppBuster 许可证

O&O AppBuster 是完全免费的,无需安装——它可以直接直接在您的计算机上运行。 并且它不会安装或下载追溯不需要或不必要的软件,就像当今许多其他程序所做的那样 – 没有垃圾软件!


What’s new in O&O AppBuster 1.1.1341
April 5, 2022
NEW: Uninstallation for current user, all users and computers possible in one go
NEW: Selection of normal and hidden apps possible via action menu
NEW: Order of apps when uninstalling is optimized according to mutual dependencies
NEW: Revision of the layout of the UI
NEW: Dark mode is supported
Available in Chinese and German