AlmaLinux OS 基金会已将 AlmaLinux 上架到 Microsoft Store,用户可基于 WSL 将 AlmaLinux 安装至 Windows。

AlmaLinux 是开放源码的、社区驱动的项目,它从红帽企业版 Linux (RHEL) 的源码编译而来。AlmaLinux 跟 RHEL 8 完全在二进制上兼容,它由 CloudLinux OS 的创建者打造。AlmaLinux 团队承诺永久免费提供 AlmaLinux 操作系统,项目永久开源且不采取任何限制,不收取任何费用,支持至 2029 年。

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation has listed AlmaLinux on the Microsoft Store, and users can install AlmaLinux on Windows based on WSL.

AlmaLinux is an open source, community-driven project compiled from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). AlmaLinux is fully binary compatible with RHEL 8, built by the creators of CloudLinux OS. The AlmaLinux team promises to provide the AlmaLinux operating system free of charge forever, and the project will be permanently open source without any restrictions or charges, and will be supported until 2029.

AlmaLinux writes on the introduction page of its Microsoft Store entry: “AlmaLinux OS comes to WSL, and now you can use the platform you know and love, using all the standard tools, including dnf/yum, etc., to run all your favorite enterprise editions Applications for the Linux ecosystem.”

Other Red Hat-compatible options in the Microsoft Store include Pengwin Enterprise 8, created by Whitewater Foundry, which is built on Rocky Linux, which the company says is “for demonstration and personal use only” and is available for a fee.

AlmaLinux 在其 Microsoft Store 条目的介绍页面写道:“AlmaLinux OS 来到了 WSL,现在你可以使用你所熟悉和喜爱的平台,使用所有的标准工具,包括 dnf/yum 等,运行所有你喜欢的企业版 Linux 生态的应用程序。”

Microsoft Store 中其他与 Red Hat 兼容的选项包括由 Whitewater Foundry 创建的 Pengwin Enterprise 8,此发行版基于 Rocky Linux 构建,该公司称,“仅供演示和个人使用”,且需收费。