OBS Studio is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming, providing real-time high-performance video/audio capture and mixing, as well as unlimited scene modes to help users achieve seamless transitions through customization.

After about four months of development, OBS Studio 27.2 is officially released for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows.

OBS Studio 27.2 is the second major update of the 27.x series after OBS Studio 27.1, bringing several important new features to Linux users, the first being the addition of Flatpak support, which makes it easier to The software is installed on different GNU/Linux distributions.

Also for Linux users, the new OBS Studio makes PipeWire capture even more powerful by alphabetizing the list of windows displayed when Window Capture is selected as the source; this release also introduces a framework for the upcoming Window Capture on Wayland Background shortcut key support paved the way.

Additionally, OBS Studio 27.2 fixes several bugs on Linux, including performance issues with X11 window capture, audio monitoring delays, a crash when modifying video capture device properties, incorrect functionality of mouse shortcuts, and turning off X11 includes A crash that occurred in some dialogs of the video preview.

Major new features in OBS Studio 27.2 include adding AJA sources for AJA devices, adding AJA output in the Tools menu, the right-click menu option for sources adding the ability to set different blend modes, support for the RIST protocol, duplicate detection, and in advanced output mode The experimental AOM AV1 and SVT-AV1 encoders.

Other updates:

New keyboard shortcuts that allow users to refresh the browser feed;
New warning dialog that will be shown when switching profiles with settings that require a restart to change;
A new “Show active output warning on exit” option in Advanced Settings, which lets you enable or disable a confirmation dialog on exit when recording or streaming;
A new option in general settings to hide the main window of OBS Studio when capturing the screen;
Support for light and dark modes of the Twitch panel;
There is a more friendly dialog to notify the user when a file cannot be written to the recording;
Resizable filter previews/properties;
Support for activating sources when viewing in the filter dialog;
and support for displaying audio activity in grayscale when muted;
Added a warning dialog that will appear when YouTube streaming cannot be started or stopped;
Move the Docks menu to its own top-level menu on the menu bar;
Incompatible audio filters are no longer displayed for unsupported sources;
No longer refreshes when the size of the browser source changes;
Added the ability to silently request reconnection for RTMP servers when the server is down

For more details, please check: https://fossies.org/linux/misc/obs-studio-27.2.0.tar.gz/

OBS Studio 是一款免费且开源的用于视频录制以及直播串流的软件,提供实时高性能的视频/音频捕捉与混合,以及无限的场景模式帮助用户通过自定义实现无缝转换。

经过大约四个月的开发,OBS Studio 27.2 正式发布,适用于 GNU/Linux、macOS 和 Windows。

OBS Studio 27.2 是继 OBS Studio 27.1 之后,27.x 系列的第二个重大更新,为 Linux 用户带来了几个重要的新功能,首先就是添加了对 Flatpak 支持,借助这个功能可以更容易地将软件安装在不同的 GNU/Linux 发行版上。

同样对于 Linux 用户来说,新的 OBS Studio 在选择 Window Capture 作为源时可以按字母顺序排列显示的窗口列表,使 PipeWire 捕获功能更加强大;该版本还引入了一个框架,为即将到来的 Wayland 上的后台快捷键支持铺平了道路。

此外,OBS Studio 27.2 修复了 Linux 上的几个错误,包括 X11 窗口捕获时的性能问题、音频监控延迟、修改视频捕获设备属性时发生的崩溃、鼠标快捷方式的不正确功能、以及关闭 X11 上包含视频预览的某些对话框时发生的崩溃。

OBS Studio 27.2 的主要新功能包括为 AJA 设备添加 AJA 源、在工具菜单中添加 AJA 输出、源的右键菜单选项新增了设置不同混合模式的功能、支持 RIST 协议、重复检测,以及在高级输出模式中实验性的 AOM AV1 和 SVT-AV1 编码器。


高级设置中一个新的 “退出时显示活动输出警告” 选项,让你在录制或串流时启用或禁用退出时的确认对话框;
常规设置中一个新的选项,在捕获屏幕时隐藏 OBS Studio 的主窗口;
支持 Twitch 面板的浅色和深色模式;
增加了一个警告对话框,当无法启动或停止 YouTube 串流时将会出现;
将 Docks 菜单移到菜单栏上自己的顶层菜单;
为 RTMP 服务器增加了在服务器停机时悄悄请求重新连接的功能