Linux Kernel 5.18 发布了!该版本主要变化之一是将英特尔软件定义芯片 (SDSi) 驱动程序包含到主线内核中,该功能引起了不小的争议,但英特尔尚未明确表示该驱动的具体用途。

硬件方面, Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W 在此版本中获得了完整的主线 Linux 内核支持;Tesla FSD 芯片进入上游;其他则是一些 AMD 新显卡的驱动和 Intel 处理器的相关文件。


用于英特尔混合处理器的新硬件反馈接口 (HFI) 驱动程序
AMD EPYC 服务器的 NUMA 平衡调度程序更新
各种 AMD 嵌套虚拟化改进
在 AMDGPU 驱动程序中默认启用 FreeSync
Btrfs 支持编码 I/O 和更快的 fsync
带有触控栏的 MacBook Pro 的 FN 键映射

其他内容可参考社区关于 Linux 5.18 新功能的报道:

英特尔 CPU 内购功能 (SDSI) 将合并到 Linux 5.18 中
Linux 5.18 支持更灵活的 LLVM 配置方式
Linux 5.18 对 exFAT 文件系统支持进行了两项关键改进
Linux 5.18 内核 C 标准从 C89 升级到 C11/GNU11
Linux 5.18 带来许多 Apple 键盘改进

随着 5.18 正式发布,5.19 的合并窗口已经打开,据 Linus 介绍:“目前已经有一些 Linux 5.19 的 PR 等待处理。”

Linux Kernel 5.18 is out! One of the major changes in this release is the inclusion of the Intel Software-Defined Silicon (SDSi) driver into the mainline kernel, a feature that has caused quite a bit of controversy, but Intel hasn’t made it clear what the driver is for.

On the hardware side, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W gets full mainline Linux kernel support in this release; Tesla FSD chips go upstream; the others are drivers for some new AMD graphics cards and related files for Intel processors.

Major new features in this release include:

New Hardware Feedback Interface (HFI) driver for Intel Hybrid Processors
NUMA Balanced Scheduler Update for AMD EPYC Servers
AMD HSMP driver
Various AMD Nested Virtualization Improvements
Intel Xeon processor driver support
FreeSync enabled by default in AMDGPU drivers
Btrfs supports encoded I/O and faster fsync
FN key mapping for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

For other content, please refer to the community’s reports on the new features of Linux 5.18:

Intel CPU In-App Purchase (SDSI) will be merged into Linux 5.18
Linux 5.18 supports more flexible LLVM configuration
Linux 5.18 brings two key improvements to exFAT filesystem support
Linux 5.18 kernel C standard upgrade from C89 to C11/GNU11
Linux 5.18 brings many Apple keyboard improvements

With the official release of 5.18, the merge window for 5.19 has opened, and according to Linus: “There are already some PRs for Linux 5.19 waiting to be processed.”