Alpine Linux 是一个面向安全的轻量级 Linux 发行版,该发行版以安全为理念,面向 x86 路由器、防火墙、虚拟专用网、IP 电话盒及服务器而设计。

另外,不同于常见的 Linux 发行版,Alpine Linux 采用 musl libc 和 busybox 以减小系统的体积和运行时资源消耗。在保持瘦身的同时,Alpine Linux 还提供了自己的包管理工具 apk,可以在其网站上查询软件包,或直接通过 apk 命令进行查询和安装。Alpine Linux is a security-oriented lightweight Linux distribution designed with security in mind for x86 routers, firewalls, virtual private networks, IP phone boxes, and servers.
In addition, different from common Linux distributions, Alpine Linux uses musl libc and busybox to reduce system size and runtime resource consumption. While keeping it slim, Alpine Linux also provides its own package management tool, apk, which can be queried on its website, or queried and installed directly through the apk command.
Alpine Linux 3.16 updates are as follows: /tmp is mounted as tmpfs Previously /tmp was part of the root filesystem and was cleaned up at boot by the bootmisc openrc service script. In v3.16, new installations mount /tmp as tmpfs.
ICU data split The icu package has been split into: icu-data-en (2.6 MiB) – ICU data using only en_US/GB locale and no legacy charset converter.
icu-data-full (29 MiB) – Full ICU data.
icu-libs only installs icu-data-en. If additional language support is required, icu-data-full needs to be installed manually.
nodejs is now compiled using the system ICU.
Network Manager Plugins NetworkManager plugins (such as WiFi or ADSL support) have been moved into subpackages and are not installed by default. Install the appropriate packages if needed: wifi:networkmanager-wifiADSL:networkmanager-adsl mobile broadband:networkmanager-wwan bluetooth:networkmanager-bluetooth ppp:networkmanager-ppp open vSwitch:networkmanager-ovs new features and Notable new packages Fixed an issue where the boot output was not displayed when compiling a driver as a module using the console OpenRC output was displayed on the VirtIO serial console.
SDL 1.2 Migration to SDL 1.2 Compatibility The old sdl package (SDL 1.2) has been moved from community to testing and will not be part of Alpine 3.16.
Other software updates GNOME 42LLVM 13PHP 8.0 and 8.1 both shippedPython 3.10QEMU 7R 4.2Ruby 3.1Rust 1.60Sway 1.7Xen 4.16.1KDEPlasma has been upgraded from 5.23 to 5.24.
The KDE application (publishing service) has been upgraded from 21.08 to 22.04, and the KDE framework has been upgraded from 5.88 to 5.93.
Plasma Mobile Gear has been upgraded from 21.12 to 22.04.
Python upgrade to 3.10 Python has been upgraded to version 3.10 and all modules have been rebuilt for python 3.10.
Manually installed Python modules must be recompiled for 3.10.
Deprecated/removed PHP 7 package moved to beta as it will soon be EOL , replaced by PHP 8

Alpine Linux 3.16 更新内容如下:
/tmp 挂载为 tmpfs

以前 /tmp 是根文件系统的一部分,并在启动时通过 bootmisc openrc 服务脚本进行清理。在 v3.16 中,新安装将 /tmp 作为 tmpfs 挂载。
ICU 数据拆分

icu 包已拆分为:

icu-data-en (2.6 MiB) – 仅使用 en_US/GB 区域设置且没有遗留字符集转换器的 ICU 数据。
icu-data-full (29 MiB) – 完整的 ICU 数据。

icu-libs 只安装 icu-data-en。如果需要额外的语言支持,则需要手动安装 icu-data-full 。

nodejs 现在使用系统 ICU 编译。

NetworkManager 插件(例如 WiFi 或 ADSL 支持)已被移动到子包中,默认情况下不安装。如果需要,请安装相应的软件包:

WiFi:网络管理器 – wifi
ADSL:网络管理器 – adsl
蓝牙:networkmanager – 蓝牙
PPP:网络管理器 – ppp
打开 vSwitch:networkmanager-ovs


OpenRC 输出会显示在 VirtIO 串行控制台上。

SDL 1.2 迁移到 SDL 1.2 兼容

旧的 sdl 包 (SDL 1.2) 已从社区转移到测试,因此不会成为 Alpine 3.16 的一部分。

PHP 8.0 and 8.1 both shipped
Python 3.10
R 4.2
Ruby 3.1
Rust 1.60
Sway 1.7
Xen 4.16.1


Plasma 已从 5.23 升级到 5.24。

KDE 应用程序(发布服务)已从 21.08 升级到 22.04,KDE 框架已从 5.88 升级到 5.93。

Plasma Mobile Gear 已从 21.12 升级到 22.04。
Python 升级到 3.10

Python 已经升级到 3.10 版本,所有模块都针对 python 3.10 进行了重建。

手动安装的 Python 模块必须针对 3.10 重新编译。
弃用 / 删除

PHP 7 包已移至测试,因为它很快将 EOL ,取而代之的是 PHP 8