FreeDOS is an open source DOS compatible operating system and an open source alternative to MS-DOS. Recently FreeDOS author Jim Hall officially released FreeDOS 1.3 version.

This release includes new features and improvements since version 1.2 (released in 2016), including:

New FreeCOM 0.85a
New Kernel 2043 and 8086 version with FAT32 support
The Floppy Edition uses compression and only takes half the space
Network support has been restored
Add some programs and games
Updates to existing packages
NLS Updates and Improvements
Improved CD initialization for boot media and installation systems
Improve the installation process and more

System Requirements:

DOS compatible system (Intel + BIOS or UEFI with Legacy)
At least 20MB free disk space

For more details, please check:

FreeDOS 是一个开源的 DOS 兼容操作系统,也是 MS-DOS 的开源替代。近日 FreeDOS 的作者 Jim Hall 正式发布了 FreeDOS 1.3 版本。

该版本包含了自 1.2 版本(2016 年发布)以来的新功能和改进,其中包括:

新的 FreeCOM 0.85a
新的 Kernel 2043 和支持 FAT32 的 8086 版本
软盘版本(Floppy Edition)使用了压缩,仅需以往一半的空间
NLS 更新与改进
改进启动媒体和安装系统的 CD 初始化


DOS 兼容系统(Intel + BIOS 或支持 Legacy 的 UEFI)
至少 20MB 可用磁盘空间