FreeBSD 13.1 已发布,该版本提供了性能上的改进,以及更好的 RISC-V 支持。下面是一些较为重要的更改项:

对于 64 位架构,基础系统默认启用了与位置无关的可执行文件 (PIE) 支持。
新的 zfskeys rc (8) 服务脚本,允许在启动期间自动解密使用 ZFS 本机加密的 ZFS 数据集。
NVMe 仿真已升级到 NVMe 规范的 1.4 版
为巴西葡萄牙语 ABNT2 键盘添加了额外的 Alt Gr 映射。
默认情况下,构建中禁用 svnlite

运行时库和 API

在 powerpc、powerpc64 和 powerpc64le 上添加了 OpenSSL 的汇编优化代码。
CPU 特性的检测加速了 ARMv7 和 ARM64 的加密操作已得到修复,大大加快了 aes-256-gcm 和 sha256 的速度。
在 risc-v 64 和 riscv-64-sf 上启用构建 ASAN 和 UBSAN 库。
OFED 库现在基于 riscv64 和 riscv64sf 构建。
OPENMP 库现在基于 riscv64 和 riscv64sf 构建。


修复 powerpc64 上串行控制台上的输出损坏。
CAS 已支持 Radix MMU。
修复在带有 TCG 的 QEMU 上运行带有 HPT 超级页面的 FreeBSD 出现的问题。
超级页面支持已添加到 powerpc64 (le) 上的 pmap_mincore。
在 arm64 上为 32 位 ARM 二进制文件添加了 HWCAP/HWCAP2 辅助参数支持。


增加了对 HiFive Unmatched RISC-V 板的支持。


FreeBSD 13.1 has been released, which provides performance improvements and better RISC-V support. Here are some of the more important changes:
Userland application changes

For 64-bit architectures, position-independent executable (PIE) support is enabled by default on the underlying system.
New zfskeys rc (8) service script that allows automatic decryption of ZFS datasets using ZFS native encryption during startup.
NVMe emulation upgraded to version 1.4 of the NVMe specification
Added additional Alt Gr mappings for the Brazilian Portuguese ABNT2 keyboard.
svnlite is disabled in builds by default

Runtime Libraries and APIs

Added assembly-optimized code for OpenSSL on powerpc, powerpc64, and powerpc64le.
Detection of CPU features speeds up cryptographic operations for ARMv7 and ARM64 has been fixed to greatly speed up aes-256-gcm and sha256.
Enable building ASAN and UBSAN libraries on risc-v 64 and riscv-64-sf.
The OFED library is now built on riscv64 and riscv64sf.
The OPENMP library is now built on riscv64 and riscv64sf.

kernel changes

Fix corrupted output on serial console on powerpc64.
CAS already supports Radix MMU.
Fix running FreeBSD with HPT superpage on QEMU with TCG.
Superpage support has been added to pmap_mincore on powerpc64 (le).
Added HWCAP/HWCAP2 auxiliary parameter support for 32-bit ARM binaries on arm64.

Platform support

Added support for HiFive Unmatched RISC-V boards.

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