#Open project#New Firefox browser Mozilla Firefox 94.0 + x64 official version released Chinese multilingual free version with official FTP download address

Firefox 94 has now been released, and the specific updates are as follows:

V94 contains six interesting seasonal colors available for a limited time, and users can find a color to adapt (or enhance) each mood of their own.

Firefox macOS now uses Apple’s low-power mode to play full-screen videos on websites such as YouTube and Twitch, which greatly extends battery life during long-term viewing.

In this version, advanced users can use about:unloads to release system resources by manually unloading tabs without closing them.

The interruption on Windows is reduced because Firefox will not prompt the user to update. Conversely, even if Firefox is closed, the background agent will download and install updates.

Improved WebGL performance and reduced power consumption on Linux.

In order to better protect all Firefox users from side-channel attacks such as Spectre, this version introduces Site Isolation.

The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension integrated with Mozilla VPN is being launched. This allows users to use different server locations for each container.

By default, Firefox no longer warns when you exit the browser or close the window using a menu, button, or three-button command. (More details)

Firefox now supports the new Snap Layouts menu when running on Windows 11.


Reduce the overhead of using performance.mark() and performance.measure() APIs and a large number of performance items.

Modified paint suppression during loading to greatly improve the thermal loading performance in Site Isolation mode.

Javascript memory usage is slightly reduced.

Javascript attribute enumeration speed up.

Achieve better garbage collection scheduling, which improves some pageload benchmarks.

Reduced CPU usage during socket polling for HTTPS connections.

Faster storage initialization.

Improved cold startup by reducing main thread I/O.

Turning off devtools can now reclaim more memory than ever before.

By setting higher priority for loading and displaying images, page load is improved (especially in Site Isolation mode).

Various security fixes.

For more details, please view: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/94.0/releasenotes/

#开源项目#全新火狐浏览器 Mozilla Firefox 94.0 + x64 正式版发布 中文多语免费版 附送官方FTP下载地址

Firefox 94 现已发布,具体更新内容如下:


  • v94 中包含了六种限时提供的有趣的季节性配色,用户可以找到一种颜色来适应(或提升)自己的每一种心情。

  • Firefox macOS 现在使用 Apple 的低功耗模式在 YouTube 和 Twitch 等网站上播放全屏视频,这大大延长了长时间观看时的电池寿命。
  • 在此版本中,高级用户可以使用 about:unloads 通过手动卸载 tabs 而不关闭它们来释放系统资源。
  • 在 Windows 上的中断减少,因为 Firefox 不会提示用户进行更新。相反,即使 Firefox 关闭,后台代理也会下载并安装更新。
  • 在 Linux 上改进了 WebGL 性能并降低了功耗。
  • 为了更好地保护所有 Firefox 用户免受诸如 Spectre 之类的 side-channel 攻击,该版本引入了 Site Isolation。
  • 正在推出与 Mozilla VPN 集成的 Firefox Multi-Account Containers 扩展。这使得用户可以为每个容器使用不同的服务器位置。
  • 默认情况下,当你使用菜单、按钮或三键命令退出浏览器或关闭窗口时,Firefox 不再发出警告。(更多详情)
  • 现在,Firefox 在 Windows 11 上运行时支持新的 Snap Layouts 菜单。


  • 减少了使用 performance.mark() 和 performance.measure() API 与大量性能条目的开销。
  • 修改了加载期间的 paint suppression,以极大地提高 Site Isolation 模式下的热加载性能。
  • Javascript 内存使用量略有减少。
  • Javascript 属性枚举加快。
  • 实现了更好的垃圾收集调度,这改进了一些 pageload benchmarks。
  • 减少了 HTTPS 连接的套接字轮询期间的 CPU 使用率。
  • 更快的存储初始化。
  • 通过减少主线程 I/O 改进了 cold startup。
  • 关闭 devtools 现在比以往任何时候都可以回收更多的内存。
  • 通过为加载和显示图像设置更高的优先级,改善了页面负载(尤其是在 Site Isolation 模式下)。
  • 各种安全修复。