DOSBox-X 0.83.21 版本发布,跨平台 DOS & PC-98 模拟器)

最新版 DOSBox-X 0.83.21 现已正式发布!

与原来专注于 DOS 游戏的 DOSBox 不同,DOSBox-X 正式打算涵盖不同类型的 DOS 软件,并实现硬件行为的准确模拟。所以除了DOS游戏外,DOSBox-X 正式支持模拟运行 Windows 3.x、9x 和 ME 的环境以及为这些版本的 Windows 编写的软件。The latest version of DOSBox-X 0.83.21 is now officially released!
Different from the original DOSBox, which focuses on DOS games, DOSBox-X officially intends to cover different types of DOS software and realize accurate simulation of hardware behavior. So in addition to DOS games, DOSBox-X officially supports simulated running Windows 3.x, 9x and ME environments and software written for these versions of Windows.
The new function supports viewing Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16) documents in the shell. DOSBox-X now supports UTF8 and UTF16 commands, allowing the conversion of UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded text for viewing in the current code page, including SBCS And the DBCS code page. For example, the command “UTF8 <UTF8TEXT.TXT” will output the converted text UTF8TEXT.TXT in the current code page. For UTF16 commands, there are optional /BE & /LE options to specify the endianness.
Support for ENET Reliable UDP for modem and null modem emulation now supports ENET Reliable UDP as an option for modem and null modem emulation. You can use the “sock:1” option to enable it for the modem/null modem connected to the serial port (COM1-COM9), for example, “serial1=modem listenport:5000 sock:1” to let COM1 listen on port 5000 for reliable ENET UDP , Not a TCP connection.
Support port forwarding of Slirp backend of NE2000 network The Slirp backend of NE2000 network function now supports port forwarding. There are new configuration options “tcp_port_forwards” and “udp_port_forwards” in the [ethernet, slirp] section for TCP and UDP port forwarding options.
Support for viewing or changing file extensions. Associated DOSBox-X now allows you to define commands or programs to use ASSOC commands to open files with specific file extensions, such as “assoc .txt=edit” when entering a .TXT file name to open with the EDIT command .TXT file. DOS command line. Wildcard characters (* or ?) are also supported.
Support for more special attributes of the CONFIG command. The CONFIG command now supports special attributes, including “cd”, “date”, “errorlevel”, “random”, “time” and “lastmount”, so as to be like “CONFIG -GET cd” and ” Commands such as CONFIG -GET errorlevel” will get the current DOS directory and ERRORLEVEL value. The return value will also be saved to the %CONFIG% variable.
Supports rescanning of internal virtual drives Z: Internal virtual drives Z: Now it can be rescanned like installed local drives. Any changes to the “drivez” directory or code page will now be reflected after the Z: drive is rescanned.
Support for providing command line options to start the program at startup There is now a command line option “-o”, if the specified program is started when DOSBox-X is started, it allows you to provide command line options or parameters, such as dosbox-x program .exe-o “opt1 opt2”
Greatly improved DBCS support for Chinese/Japanese/Korean DBCS support for Chinese/Japanese/Korean is further improved in various ways in this version. For example, IME support for Chinese/Japanese/Korean is improved; DBCS characters in UNC network path in the format of \\COMPUTER\FOLDER\FILEDOS are supported; DOS commands such as ATTRIB, ECHO, TYPE, MORE, and TRUENAME can now be better Process DBCS characters; now there is also a hidden code page 951 for Big5-HKSCS encoding or Big5 Unicode-At-On (Big5-UAO) encoding.
Improved network support for Windows for Workgroups 3.11 This version has improved support for Windows for Workgroups 3.11 network so that you can take full advantage of the network functions of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 when running from the internal DOS shell. Before running WFW 3.11 from the shell, be sure to execute the commands “DEVICE IFSHLP.SYS” and “NET START” so that its network functions work as expected.
Improved support for the save state function The save state function has been further improved in this version, so you can expect saving and loading states to work more reliably than before.
Improved clipboard copy and paste support. The clipboard copy and paste has been improved for different code pages, including box drawing characters in the DBCS code page (including PC-98 mode). Also, for Toshiba J-3100 mode, when you try to select the text to be copied, the selected text will now be highlighted.
Usability improvements. Easier-to-use configuration tools. In this version, the usability of the configuration tools has been significantly improved. The “…” button was added to properties with a limited number of values ​​so that you can select a value in the new dialog box instead of entering them manually. In addition, when modified from the configuration tool, more settings will be applied immediately.
It is allowed to force the scaler through a message box. If the scaler specified in the configuration may not work as expected and if it is not forced, DOSBox-X will display a message box asking whether to load the scaler instead of always silently ignoring it.
Allows to enter debugger commands without opening the debugger. The “Enter Debugger Command” button is added to the “DOSBox-X Log Output” and “Code Overview” windows (from the “Debug” menu”), and users can directly input debugging You can view the results without opening the debugger. In addition, the debugger commands DATE and TIME have also been added to view or change the internal date and time of DOSBox-X.
Allowing custom handlers for invalid DOS commands You can now specify a custom error handler through the configuration option “badcommandhandler” in the [dos] section before the error message “Bad command or file name” is displayed in the DOS shell. For example, when the START command is enabled through the “startcmd=true” option, setting “badcommandhandler=start” allows the specified command to be run on the host system.
Allow to automatically stop Turbo mode using key input DOSBox-X will now stop Turbo (fast forward) mode when keyboard input is detected so that you can type the keys correctly by default. You can change this behavior through the configuration option “stop turbo on key” in the [cpu] section.
Allowing most printer options to be changed at runtime You can now use the CONFIG -set command to change most of the configuration options in the [printer] section of the virtual printer configuration, such as “CONFIG -set printoutput=png” to set the default printer output to PNG.
Allows Bash-shell to be completed on non-Windows systems. For Linux and macOS systems, this version now supports Bash-shell completion of the DOSBox-X command line.
Improve the flexibility of loading Direct3D pixel shaders In order to set the Direct3D pixel shaders through the configuration option “pixelshader”, DOSBox-X now allows the use of shader file names without the .fx extension, or shader files in the current directory.
Ability to display or clear the command line history There is now a HISTORY command, which allows to display or clear the command line history of the internal DOS shell. The command history uses the Tab key to influence the result of the file completion function.


  • 支持在 shell 中查看 Unicode(UTF-8 或 UTF-16)文档

    DOSBox-X 现在支持 UTF8 和 UTF16 命令,允许转换 UTF-8 和 UTF-16 编码的文本以在当前代码页中查看,包括 SBCS 和 DBCS 代码页。例如,命令“UTF8 < UTF8TEXT.TXT”将在当前代码页中输出转换后的文本 UTF8TEXT.TXT,对于 UTF16 命令,有可选的 /BE & /LE 选项来指定字节序。

  • 支持用于调制解调器和零调制解调器仿真的 ENET 可靠 UDP

    现在支持 ENET 可靠 UDP 作为调制解调器和零调制解调器仿真的选项。您可以使用“sock:1”选项为与串行端口 (COM1-COM9) 连接的调制解调器/空调制解调器启用它,例如“serial1=modem listenport:5000 sock:1”让 COM1 侦听端口 5000可靠的 ENET UDP ,而不是 TCP 连接。

  • 支持 NE2000 网络的 Slirp 后端的端口转发

    NE2000 网络功能的 Slirp 后端现在支持端口转发。[ethernet, slirp] 部分中有新的配置选项“tcp_port_forwards”和“udp_port_forwards”,用于 TCP 和 UDP 端口转发选项。

  • 支持查看或更改文件扩展名关联

    DOSBox-X 现在允许您定义命令或程序以使用 ASSOC 命令打开具有特定文件扩展名的文件,例如“assoc .txt=edit”在输入 .TXT 文件名时使用 EDIT 命令打开 .TXT 文件。 DOS 命令行。还支持通配符(* 或 ?)。

  • 支持 CONFIG 命令的更多特殊属性

    CONFIG 命令现在支持特殊属性,包括“cd”、“date”、“errorlevel”、“random”、“time”和“lastmount”,以便像“CONFIG -GET cd”和“CONFIG -GET errorlevel”这样的命令将得到当前 DOS 目录和 ERRORLEVEL 值。返回值也将保存到 %CONFIG% 变量。

  • 支持重新扫描内部虚拟驱动器 Z:

    内部虚拟驱动器 Z: 现在可以像安装的本地驱动器一样重新扫描。对“drivez”目录或代码页的任何更改现在都将在 Z: 驱动器重新扫描后反映出来。

  • 支持提供用于在启动时启动程序的命令行选项

    现在有一个命令行选项“-o”,如果指定程序在启动 DOSBox-X 时启动,它允许您提供命令行选项或参数,例如 dosbox-x program.exe – o“opt1 opt2”

  • 大大改进了对中文/日文/韩文的 DBCS 支持

    DBCS 对中文/日文/韩文的支持在此版本中以各种方式进一步改进。例如,改进了对中文/日文/韩文的 IME 支持;支持位于 \\COMPUTER\FOLDER\FILEDOS 格式的 UNC 网络路径中的 DBCS 字符;ATTRIB、ECHO、TYPE、MORE 和 TRUENAME 等 DOS 命令现在可以更好地处理 DBCS 字符;现在还有一个用于 Big5-HKSCS 编码或 Big5 Unicode-At-On (Big5-UAO) 编码的隐藏代码页 951。

  • 改进了对 Windows for Workgroups 3.11 网络的支持

    此版本中改进了对 Windows for Workgroups 3.11 网络的支持,以便您在从内部 DOS 外壳运行时可以充分利用 Windows for Workgroups 3.11 的网络功能。在从 shell 运行 WFW 3.11 之前,请务必执行命令“DEVICE IFSHLP.SYS”和“NET START”,以便其网络功能按预期工作。

  • 改进了对保存状态功能的支持


  • 改进的剪贴板复制和粘贴支持

    剪贴板复制和粘贴已针对不同的代码页进行了改进,包括 DBCS 代码页(包括 PC-98 模式)中的框绘图字符。此外,对于 Toshiba J-3100 模式,当您尝试选择要复制的文本时,所选文本现在将突出显示。


  • 更易于使用的配置工具


  • 允许通过消息框强制缩放器

    如果配置中指定的缩放器可能无法按预期工作并且如果没有强制,DOSBox-X 将显示一个消息框,询问是否加载缩放器,而不是总是默默地忽略它。

  • 允许在不打开调试器的情况下输入调试器命令

    “输入调试器命令”按钮被添加到“DOSBox-X 日志输出”和“代码概览”窗口(来自“调试”菜单”),用户可以直接输入调试器命令并查看结果,而无需打开调试器。此外,还添加了调试器命令 DATE 和 TIME 以查看或更改 DOSBox-X 的内部日期和时间。

  • 允许为无效的 DOS 命令自定义处理程序

    现在,您可以通过 [dos] 部分中的配置选项“badcommandhandler”在 DOS shell 中显示错误消息“错误的命令或文件名”之前指定自定义错误处理程序。例如,当通过“startcmd=true”选项启用 START 命令时,设置“badcommandhandler=start”允许在主机系统中运行指定的命令。

  • 允许使用按键输入自动停止 Turbo 模式

    DOSBox-X 现在将在检测到键盘输入时停止 Turbo(快进)模式,以便您可以在默认情况下正确键入键。您可以通过 [cpu] 部分中的配置选项“stop turbo on key”更改此行为。

  • 允许在运行时更改大多数打印机选项

    您现在可以使用 CONFIG -set 命令更改虚拟打印机配置的 [printer] 部分中的大多数配置选项,例如“CONFIG -set printoutput=png”将默认打印机输出设置为 PNG。

  • 允许在非 Windows 系统上完成 Bash-shell

    对于 Linux 和 macOS 系统,此版本现在支持 DOSBox-X 命令行的 Bash-shell 补全。

  • 提高加载 Direct3D 像素着色器的灵活性

    为了通过配置选项“pixelshader”设置 Direct3D 像素着色器,DOSBox-X 现在允许使用不带 .fx 扩展名的着色器文件名,或当前目录中的着色器文件。

  • 能够显示或清除命令行历史记录

    现在有一个 HISTORY 命令,它允许显示或清除内部 DOS shell 的命令行历史记录。命令历史通过 Tab 键影响文件完成功能的结果。