Chrome 102 发布之后,Google 已将 Chrome 103 升级为测试版。

Chrome 103 beta 引入了 103 Early Hints HTTP 响应代码进行导航的支持,当 103 响应包含 <link rel=preload> 或其他链接标头时,Chrome 会在收到最终响应之前尝试预加载(和 / 或预连接、预取)指定资源。这为 Web 开发人员提供了一种优化核心 Web Vitals 的方法,例如最大内容绘制 (LCP)。

此外,Chrome 103 的本地字体访问功能允许枚举本地字体和所述字体的元数据,以便在 Web 应用程序中用于自定义的文本堆栈。

Chrome 103 Beta 还添加了 “deflate-raw” 压缩格式支持,允许 Web 开发人员在没有任何页眉 / 页脚的情况下访问原始 deflate 流。这种 deflate-raw 支持可用于 Web 应用程序读取和写入 zip 文件。

有关 Chrome 103 Beta 的更多信息,可在 Chromium 博客中进一步阅读。After the release of Chrome 102, Google has upgraded Chrome 103 to beta.
Chrome 103 beta introduced support for the 103 Early Hints HTTP response code for navigation, when the 103 response contains <link rel=preload> or other link headers, Chrome will attempt to preload (and/or preconnect before receiving the final response) , prefetch) for the specified resource. This gives web developers a way to optimize core web vitals, such as maximum content rendering (LCP).
Additionally, Chrome 103’s Local Font Access feature allows the enumeration of local fonts and the metadata of said fonts for use in custom text stacks in web applications.
Chrome 103 Beta also adds “deflate-raw” compression format support, allowing web developers to access raw deflate streams without any header/footer. This deflate-raw support can be used by web applications to read and write zip files.
For more information on Chrome 103 Beta, read further on the Chromium blog.