Chrome 101 已正式发布!该版本引入试用版的联合凭据管理——Federated Credential Management API (FedCM) ,该 API 可创建保护隐私的联合身份,而无需使用第三方 cookie 等跨站点跟踪机制追踪每个具体用户的信息。
优先提示(Priority Hints)Chrome 101 is officially released! This release introduces a trial version of Federated Credential Management API (FedCM), which creates privacy-preserving federated identities without the need to track each individual user’s information using cross-site tracking mechanisms such as third-party cookies.
Priority Hints
Priority hints indicate the relative importance of various resources to the browser, giving you more control over the order in which resources are loaded.
Web USB sameObject behavior makes USBConfiguration, USBInterface, USBAlternateInterface, and USBEndpoint instances returned by accessors on USBDevice === comparable.
USBDevice forget()
The new USBDevice forget() method allows web developers to voluntarily revoke user-granted USB permissions.
Deprecation and removal of WebSQL in a third-party context The Web SQL database standard was first proposed in April 2009 and abandoned in November 2010. Gecko never implemented this feature and WebKit deprecated it in 2019. So Chrome 101 decided to deprecate and remove the use of WebSQL in third-party contexts.
Font Palette The new font-palette CSS property allows developers to choose a palette from color fonts.
New hwb() CSS function for specifying sRGB colors for hue whiteness and blackness (HWB) values.
WebRTC’s MediaCapabilities API extends the MediaCapabilities API to support WebRTC streaming. The MediaCapabilities API helps websites adjust settings such as codecs, resolutions, etc. for video playback by providing information such as “Configuration is supported” and “Playback is smooth.”
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Web USB sameObject 行为

使 USBDevice === 上的访问器返回的 USBConfiguration、USBInterface、USBAlternateInterface 和 USBEndpoint 实例具有可比性。
USBDevice forget()

新的 USBDevice forget() 方法允许 Web 开发人员自愿撤销用户授予的 USB 权限。
在第三方上下文中弃用和删除 WebSQL

Web SQL 数据库标准于 2009 年 4 月首次提出并于 2010 年 11 月放弃。Gecko 从未实现此功能,WebKit 在 2019 年弃用了此功能。因此 Chrome 101 决定在第三方上下文中弃用和删除 WebSQL 的使用。

新的font-palette CSS 属性,允许开发人员从颜色字体中选择调色板。
新的 hwb() CSS 函数,用于为色相白度和黑度 (HWB) 值指定 sRGB 颜色。

WebRTC 的 MediaCapabilities API

扩展 MediaCapabilities API 以支持 WebRTC 流。MediaCapabilities API 通过提供“配置是否受支持”以及“播放是否流畅”等信息,帮助网站调整用于视频播放的编解码器、分辨率等设置。



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