The Chinese version of BitComet has been downloaded and released. BitComet is also called BitComet in Chinese. It is a free BT/HTTP/FTP download software! Powerful, fast, easy-to-operate BT download software, BT resource download tool! Xunlei is becoming more and more difficult to use now, using BitComet to download may be a good choice.

BitComet (BitComet, abbreviated as “BC”) is a BitTorrent client software written for the Microsoft Windows platform using the “C++” programming language. It can also be used for HTTP/FTP downloads, and an optional eMule plug-in (eMule plug-in) ) Simultaneous download of BT/eMule via ed2k network. Its features include simultaneous download, download queue, select to download a single file from multiple torrents, fast download resume, chat, disk cache, speed limit, port mapping, proxy server and IP address filtering, etc. The latest version has added the support of the public DHT network and the anti-blood-sucking protection (for Thunder) setting.

Speed ​​download
BT download is also called abnormal download. You can exchange data with other users through torrent files or magnetic links, and upload data at the same time as downloading. All users are fast! BitComet (Bit Comet) perfectly supports various mainstream BT download protocols, ensuring safe download!

Long-lasting seeds
BitComet (Bit Comet) has a unique long-lasting seed function, which can avoid the downloading stuck at 99% when the seed user leaves as much as possible, and it can significantly increase the download speed!

Disk cache
In the early years, some downloaded software would damage the hard disk. BitComet first used disk caching technology to minimize the number of reads and writes of the disk to increase the life of the hard disk.

Put below
When BitComet downloads a video file, it gives priority to downloading the file header and the end, so that it can be placed below the bottom, and the user can preview the video content in advance during the downloading process.

P2P download
Integrating BT’s P2P technology with HTTP/FTP, it automatically finds other downloading users for P2P downloads, which does not increase the burden on the server, but can also increase the download speed.

Multi-language support
It can correctly handle multi-language operating systems, multi-language web pages, and URLs encoded with multi-language paths.

BitComet is a completely free BitTorrent (BT) download management software, also known as a BT download client, and it is also a download manager integrating BT/HTTP/FTP. BitComet has a number of leading BT downloading technologies, a unique technology for downloading and playing, and a convenient and natural interface. The latest version applies BT technology to ordinary HTTP/FTP downloads, which can speed up your ordinary downloads through BT technology.

operating system:
Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista 32bit/64bit
Windows XP/2003/2000 32bit
Windows 98/Me users please use v1.20 free installation version

BitComet license

This software is freely licensed software and is not for sale. You can copy, distribute and disseminate this software for free, but you must ensure that every copy, distribution and dissemination must be unaltered, complete and true. You use this software privately as an individual. You can only use this software for non-commercial applications.


比特彗星 BitComet 中文版下载发布。BitComet 中文名也叫比特彗星,是一款免费的 BT/HTTP/FTP 下载软件!功能强大速度快,操作简单的 BT 下载软件,BT 资源下载利器!现在的迅雷越来越不好用,使用比特彗星 BitComet 下载也许是一个不错的选择。

比特彗星(BitComet,简写为”BC”)是一款采用“C++”编程语言为 Microsoft Windows 平台编写的BitTorrent 客户端软件,也可用于HTTP/FTP下载,并可选装 eMule 插件(eMule plug-in)通过 ed2k 网络进行 BT/eMule 同时下载。它的特性包括同时下载,下载队列,从多文件种子(torrent)中选择下载单个文件,快速恢复下载,聊天,磁盘缓存,速度限制,端口映射,代理服务器和IP地址过滤等。最新的版本中加入了公用 DHT 网络的支持和反吸血保护(针对迅雷)设定。







BitComet(比特彗星)是一个完全免费的 BitTorrent(BT)下 载管理软件,也称 BT 下载客户端,同时也是一个集 BT/HTTP/FTP 为一体的下载管理器。BitComet(比特彗星)拥有多项领先的 BT 下载技术,有边下载边播放的独有技术,也有方便自然的使用界面。最新版又将BT技术应用到了普通的HTTP/FTP下载,可以通过BT技术加速您的普通下载。

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista 32bit/64bit
Windows XP/2003/2000 32bit
Windows 98/Me用户请使用v1.20免安装版

BitComet 许可证

本软件是免费许可软件,不进行出售。你可以免费的复制,分发和传播本软件, 但您必须保证每一份复制、分发和传播都必须是未更改过的,完整和真实的。您作为个人私用本软件。您只能对本软件进行非商业应用。



What’s new in BitComet 1.80
GUI improvements: add advanced settings: network.dns_query_thread_count and network.dns_query_cache_ttl
GUI Improved: add an advanced setting item bittorrent.peer_dual_ip to control whether to automatically connect to its own IPv4/IPv6 address returned by the peer
GUI Improved: The default value of advanced option bittorrent.utp_after_holepunch is changed to automatic, first try to find other peers for UDP hole punching, and then try to connect directly to uTP after failure
GUI improvements: HTTP/UDP/WSS tracker adds Connect pending status
GUI Improved: display UDP trakcer connection timeout information
GUI Improved: the peer list shows the number of peers exchanged by pex
GUI Bugfix: sometimes inaccurate transmission protocol information of peer list
GUI Bugfix: NAT type check dialog box description chart content is wrong
Core Improved: Use multi-threading for DNS query
Core improvement: UDP communication supports binding IP
Core Improve: filter invalid peer ip returned by Tracker
Core Improve: fix the problem that the second data packet of UDP trakcer fails to reconnect after timeout
Core improvement: Add support for the implied_port parameter in the DHT protocol to enhance the support for uTP transmission through the NAT network
Core improvement: When sending peer list via PEX, provide its UDP external network port to the connected uTP peer instead of using its local listening port
Core Improvement: Optimize the number of retransmissions of uTP packets and improve the effect of UDP hole punching
Core Improved: CPU occupancy rate statistics graph, UDP occupancy rate increased DHT and uTP threads
Core Bugfix: perfect UDP hole punching timeout handling
Core Bugfix: improve uTP transmission stability
Core Bugfix: WSS tracker should have timeout processing when BT task is stopped
Core Bugfix: TCP monitoring port forwarding status judgment should exclude incoming uTP connections

v1.82 [Windows] [macOS] 2021.10.26GUI Improve: add HTTP servers pane below the task listGUI Improve: the Files pane can display the downloaded file of HTTP task nowGUI Improve: improve the switching relationship for panes below the task list when switching between BT task and HTTP taskGUI Improve: display updating status in RSS list pane in the left of main windowGUI Improve: display the size of all files and the size of file boundary padding in tooltip of task size in BT task summary paneGUI Improve: decode UTF8 failure info received from HTTP trackerGUI Bugfix: mistaken of uTP packets recv number in the Statistics paneGUI Bugfix: the tooltip display incorrectly after the header of peer list reorderedGUI Bugfix: the size of selected files in BT task dialog is incorrect for tree listGUI Bugfix: failed to load passport pane under Windows 11 in certain caseCore Bugfix: the mirror URL added manually not used when restart HTTP task, if the option of search for mirror is disabledCore Bugfix: fix error handling for IPv6 UDP trackersCore Bugfix: improve the stability of DHT modularCore Bugfix: improve the stability of hash calculating for BitTorrent task

What’s new in BitComet 1.80
界面改进:增加高级设置项:network.dns_query_thread_count 和 network.dns_query_cache_ttl
界面改进:增加高级设置项 bittorrent.peer_dual_ip 控制是否自动连接peer返回的自身IPv4/IPv6地址
界面改进:高级选项 bittorrent.utp_after_holepunch 默认值改为自动,先尝试查找其它peer进行UDP打洞,失败后再尝试直接uTP连接
界面改进:HTTP/UDP/WSS tracker 增加 Connect pending 状态
界面改进:显示UDP trakcer连接超时信息
核心改进:过滤Tracker返回的无效peer ip
核心改进:修复UDP trakcer第二个数据包超时重连失效的问题
核心改进:添加对DHT协议里的 implied_port 参数支持,以增强对透过NAT网络进行uTP传输的支持
核心改进:通过PEX发送peer列表时,对已连接的uTP peer提供其UDP外网端口,而不采用其本地监听端口
核心修正:BT任务停止时 WSS tracker 应有超时处理

What’s new in BitComet 1.82
界面改进:解析HTTP tracker返回的utf8格式的错误信息
界面修正:统计窗格uTP packets recv数据有误
界面修正:在Windows 11中运行时,个别情况下左下角通行证页面加载失败
核心修正:修正 IPv6 UDP tracker 错误处理
核心修正:改进 DHT 模块的稳定性
核心修正:改进 BT 任务 Hash 计算的稳定性

BitComet(比特彗星)免安裝中文版(MediaFre 載點)
BitComet(比特彗星)免安裝中文版(ZippyShare 載點)

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Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista 64bit/32bit
Windows XP/2003/2000 32bit
Windows 98/Me (v1.20 Zip package only)
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53 Languages [Help Translate]
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