Share an online website that can be searched by pictures, and you can find out exactly which minute and second. You often see some interesting anime screenshots, emoticons, and anime wallpapers on the Internet. At a certain moment, you suddenly want to know about this anime. From that anime, many people have no way to find the source of this anime, and now there is such a NB website. You only need to upload a picture to help you find the source, and it can even be accurate to a certain minute of the anime video. A certain second.
Anime Scene Search Engine

This website is in English. Please remember to use the browser’s translation function. After opening it, it is very simple. Just a picture upload window. You can enter the link of the picture or directly upload the picture to search.

For example, this very classic animation GIF picture, haha, with this god station, are you afraid that you can’t find animation resources?

The animation nickname was searched directly after uploading.

Another example is this GIF animation picture, which is accurate to that minute and second, and the animation nickname is also written [Sword Art Online].


分享一个可以以图搜番的在线网站,精准查询到哪一分哪一秒 大家在网络上经常会看到一些有趣的动漫截图、表情包、动漫壁纸,某一瞬间让你突然想了解这个动漫出自那一部动漫,很多人都没有办法找到这个动漫的出处,而现在就有这么一个NB的网站,只需要上传图片,就能帮助你找到出处,甚至可以精确到动漫视频的某一分钟、某一秒钟。 动漫场景搜索引擎