Intel is going to hollow out AMD! Poached the chief SoC architect of the independent GPU

In the past two years, Intel has continued to poach senior talents from AMD to build its own graphics computing team.

Now, Rohit Verma, AMD’s senior fellow and chief SoC architect for independent GPUs, has also jumped to Intel, or returned to Intel.

The most representative example of Intel’s digging for AMD is Raja Koduri, who used to be the general manager of AMD’s graphics card business. When he arrived at Intel, he not only served as chief architect, but was also promoted to senior vice president in the middle of last year, and served as the newly formed accelerated computing General Manager of the Systems and Graphics Group (AGX), reporting directly to Intel CEO Geng.

Responsible for graphics card software and game cooperation business, Steve Bell and Ritche Corpus, who have worked for 13 and 15 years respectively, and Vineet Goel, vice president of GPU architecture, graphics and machine learning technology, have also joined Intel from AMD.

Raja Koduri

Rohit Verma is a bit special compared to them because he worked at Intel for 15 years from 1999 to 2013, mainly working as a similar chief SoC architect, and worked with the current CEO Kissinger for a long time .

In 1999, Kissinger was already the general manager of Intel’s desktop products division, and two years later served as Intel’s first chief technology officer (CTO) until his departure in 2009.

Rohit Verma joined AMD in 2013 and served as the chief SoC architect of the semi-custom business unit and AMD Fellow. After 4 years and 11 months, he served as the chief SoC architect of the independent GPU and was promoted to AMD Senior Fellow.

Intel is going to hollow out AMD! Poached GPU chief SoC architect

For this return to his old club, Rohit Verma is quite high-profile, saying in his personal LinkedIn profile: “I am very excited to (re) join Intel as the chief product architect of independent GPUs in the field of visual computing. It feels great to return to Intel, and I look forward to it. Collaborate with the team to redefine and drive innovation in next-generation GPU products.”

Looking at it this way, Intel will not hesitate to hollow out its opponents for its own GPU business, but there is no need to worry about the AMD GPU business. After all, it is normal for people to come and go, and the foundation will not be shaken by the changes of a few people.

What’s more, after Raja Koduri left, Wang Qishang took up the responsibility again, and the RDNA2 architecture led by him performed even better. Intel GPU business desperately needs more senior talent


现在,AMD高级Fellow、独立GPU首席SoC架构师Rohit Verma,也跳槽到了Intel,或者说回归了Intel。

Intel对于AMD挖墙脚最具代表性的例子就是Raja Koduri,曾经是AMD显卡业务的总负责人,到了Intel不但担任首席架构师,更是在去年年中升任高级副总裁,并担任新组建的加速计算系统和图形事业部(AGX)的总经理,直接向Intel CEO基因格汇报。

负责显卡软件、游戏合作业务,分别工作了13年和15年的Steve Bell、Ritche Corpus,负责GPU架构、图形与机器学习的技术向副总裁Vineet Goel,也都陆续从AMD投奔Intel。

Raja Koduri

Rohit Verma和他们相比有些特殊,因为他在1999-2013年期间曾在Intel工作了15年之久,主要工作是类似的首席SoC架构师,曾经和现任CEO基辛格共事过很长一段时间。


Rohit Verma 2013年投奔AMD,担任半定制业务事业部首席SoC架构师、AMD Fellow,干了4年11个月后担任独立GPU首席SoC架构师,并升为AMD高级Fellow。


对于这次回归老东家,Rohit Verma相当高调,在个人LinkIn档案中表示:“非常激动能够(重新)加盟Intel,担任视觉计算领域的独立GPU首席产品架构师。回到Intel感觉太棒了,期待与团队合作,重新定义并推动下一代GPU产品的创新。”

看这样子,Intel为了自己的GPU事业,是要不惜掏空对手,不过也不必为AMD GPU业务担忧,毕竟人来人往都是正常的,不会因为几个人的变动而动摇根基。

更何况,Raja Koduri走了之后,王启尚重新担当大任,领衔打造的RDNA2架构表现还更为出色了。Intel GPU业务迫切需要更多高级人才