On January 5th, a hacker leaked data containing 235 million Twitter users on a forum. Citing Cybernews, the leaked data amounted to about 63GB, including users' names, email addresses, number of followers, and account creation dates. The database is even public, allowing anyone to download it.

[63GB! Hackers released the data of 235 million Twitter users for free, including names, number of followers, email addresses and other information]


Alon Gal, co-founder of Israeli security firm Hudson Rock, believes that hackers could use this just-leaked Twitter database to attack encrypted accounts, hack into high-profile and political accounts, infiltrate accounts with good usernames, and target users who don't use Twitter's dedicated Twitter account. Email account attacks. "There is no doubt that hacking groups around the world will also use this database to further compromise the privacy of our users," he said.

According to the Washington Post, the records were likely leaked in late 2021 using a Twitter loophole that allowed outsiders with an email address or phone number to find any account on Twitter that matched that information. These inquiries can be automated to check an unlimited number of phone numbers and email addresses.


1 月 5 日消息,有黑客在论坛上泄露了含有 2.35 亿推特用户的数据。援引 Cybernews 报道,此次泄露的数据大约有 63GB,其中包括用户的姓名、电子邮件地址、粉丝数量和账户创建日期。该数据库甚至是公开的,允许任何人下载它。

[63GB!黑客免费公开 2.35 亿推特用户的数据,含姓名、粉丝数量、电子邮件地址等信息]


以色列安全公司 Hudson Rock 的联合创始人 Alon Gal 认为,黑客可以利用这个刚刚泄露的 Twitter 数据库来攻击加密账户,入侵高知名度和政治账户,渗透到具有良好用户名的账户中,并对没有使用 Twitter 专用电子邮件的账户进行攻击。他说:“世界各地的黑客组织毋庸置疑也会利用这个数据库来进一步伤害我们用户的隐私”。

据《华盛顿邮报》报道,这些记录很可能是在 2021 年底利用 Twitter 的一个漏洞泄露的,该漏洞允许掌握电子邮件地址或电话号码的外人在 Twitter 上找到任何与该信息相匹配的账户。这些查询可以自动化,以检查无限数量的电话号码和电子邮件地址。