PS4全系主机遭遇破解,可以白嫖愉快的游戏了:PS5也危险了!PS4模拟器即将发布下载  近日,有消息称PS4被发现了新的系统漏洞,这一漏洞导致所有在9.0及以下版本的PS4主机都将能够被破解,而令人意外的是,这个漏洞也存在于PS5中,这意味着PS5或许危险了。


Recently, it has been reported that a new system vulnerability has been discovered in PS4. This vulnerability has caused all PS4 consoles with versions 9.0 and below to be able to be cracked. Surprisingly, this vulnerability also exists in PS5, which means The PS5 may be dangerous.

According to the information released by the cracking team on GitHub, this system vulnerability named “pOOBs4” not only exists in PS4 version 9.0 and below, but also exists in the current version of PS5.

All PS4 consoles are cracked: PS5 is also dangerous!

However, the team also said that the pOOBs4 vulnerability has not been tested to trigger a jailbreak and complete the crack in the PS5 console, so they recommend that PS5 players do not try to use the vulnerability until they learn more about how this vulnerability affects the system. Crack it.

This is not difficult to understand: unlike the PS4, which has been on sale for many years and entered the end of its life cycle, the PS5 has just been released for one year. It is at the early stage of the life cycle. It is the core focus of Sony’s game business. Cracking will not succeed, but will cause Sony’s vigilance.

Therefore, whether it is for the cracking team or for the players, it will still take a certain amount of time for the PS5’s anti-cracking “line of defense” to be breached.

For PS5, certain system and hardware vulnerabilities are likely to be discovered in the follow-up. These vulnerabilities will become the basis for the host cracking team to launch an “offensive”, and Sony will also promptly discover and repair these vulnerabilities and defend against them. There is no doubt that this confrontation between cracking and anti-cracking will continue for a long time.