近期看到 linode 发来的邮件,说是被 Akamai 收购了,真是没想到 Linode 竟然会被收买。然后看到 Akamai 官网现已显现行将推出:全球散布广泛的核算渠道(从云到边际),开发、运转和维护新一代应用程序皆可在其上完结。看起来是 Linode(云)+ Akamai(边际),想要做点大工作了。全球最大 CDN 服务商 Akamai 宣布收购老牌 VPS 提供商 Linode

Recently, I saw an email from Linode saying that it was acquired by Akamai. I really didn’t expect Linode to be acquired. And then see that the Akamai official website is now showing the imminent launch: a globally distributed computing platform (from cloud to edge), on which the development, operation and maintenance of next-generation applications can be done. Looks like Linode (cloud) + Akamai (marginal), wanting to do something big. Akamai, the world's largest CDN service provider, announced the acquisition of veteran VPS provider Linode

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1. Linode was bought email
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1. Linode’s acquisition email

The original text is not posted, just paste the translation:

I am happy to announce that Linode has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Akamai. You can read the official press release in our press room.

First thing: We will continue to operate as usual for the near future. Akamai has no intention of changing what makes us successful. This acquisition will move both of us -- it won't take anything away. Linode will soon be able to leverage Akamai's power to deliver entirely new products, services, expertise, locations and designs, while Akamai will be able to leverage Linode's deep expertise in compute, storage and on-demand infrastructure-as-services.

If you don't already know Akamai, they've been around since the early days of the web. They invented CDNs and run the most promiscuous content delivery channels in the world. Over the years, they have added world-class safety and margin solutions and more to their product portfolio.

There is a natural synergy between Akamai and Linode, not only in our mission and culture, but also in the powerful combination of strengths we each bring. Combining Linode's compute and storage products with Akamai's serverless, CDN and security solutions will provide customers with a broader range of services to build, modernize and scale next-generation applications.

Today, we open a new chapter in the Linode story - one that cements our position in a market that is increasingly looking for alternatives. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022. At the same time, we want to thank you - our customers - for supporting and empowering us to make cloud computing simple, affordable and accessible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@linode.com.


Christopher S. Acker
Founder and CEO of Linode

2. Akamai official website announcement

The original text is too long, only some relevant information is intercepted for translation, click to go to the original address.

Akamai acquires Linode to provide enterprises with a developer-friendly and large-scale distributed platform to build, run and maintain applications

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world's most trusted digital experience driving and maintenance solution, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Linode, the easiest to use and most trusted One of the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) channel providers.

Modern digital experiences, including virtual environments like the Metaverse, were created through the convergence of media, entertainment, technology, e-commerce, financial services, and online gaming. For decades, Akamai has been a valued partner to international leaders in these industries by powering and maintaining applications in today's multi-cloud, multi-channel world. Along with Linode, which enables developers to use cloud computing in an easy, affordable and accessible way, Akamai will be the world's distributed computing platform from cloud to edge.

"The opportunity to combine Linode's developer-friendly cloud computing capabilities with Akamai's market-leading edge channel and security services is a game changer for Akamai," said Dr. Tom Leighton, CEO and co-founder of Akamai Technologies. "Akamai has been a pioneer in edge computing for over 20 years, and today we're excited to open a new chapter in our journey by creating a unique cloud platform to build, operate and maintain applications from cloud to edge. This is a huge win for developers building applications on a channel that offers unprecedented scale, scale, functionality, reliability and security."

Christopher Aker, founder and CEO of Linode, added: "We started Linode 19 years ago with the intention of making the power of the cloud simpler and more accessible. In the process, we've built a platform that is well received by developers and communities around the world. The trusted cloud computing platform for enterprises. Today, as cloud services become all-encompassing, including computing, storage, security, and delivery from the core to the edge, these customers face new challenges. Solving these challenges requires Akamai and Linode to plan to integrate them Great integration and planning under one roof. This marks an exciting new chapter for Linode and an important step forward for our current and future customers."

Under the terms of the agreement, Akamai agreed to acquire all of the outstanding equity interest in Linode Limited Liability Company for approximately $900 million, subject to customary purchase price adjustments. Because the sale is structured as an asset purchase, Akamai estimates cash income tax savings will be realized over the next 15 years, with an estimated net present value of approximately $120 million. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022 and is subject to customary closing conditions.

In fiscal 2022, the Linode acquisition is expected to add about $100 million in revenue and slightly increase non-GAAP EPS by about $0.05 to $0.06. Akamai will provide more details on Linode, as well as fourth quarter and year-end 2021 financial results and full-year guidance, during its earnings call on February 15, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. Eastern time.

About Akamai

Akamai provides support and maintenance for online life. The world's most innovative companies choose Akamai to maintain and deliver their digital experiences -- helping billions of people live, work and play every day. With the world's largest and most trusted edge channel, Akamai brings applications, code and experiences closer to users and threats further away.

一、Linode 被收买邮件
二、Akamai 官网布告

一、Linode 被收购邮件


我很快乐地宣布,Linode 已签订协议,将被 Akamai 收买。您可以在咱们的新闻发布室阅览官方新闻稿。

第一件事:在不久的将来,咱们将持续像往常一样运作。 Akamai 无意改变使咱们成功的因素。这次收买将推动咱们双方行进——不会带走任何东西。 Linode 很快将可以利用 Akamai 的力气来供给全新的产品、服务、专业知识、方位和规划,而 Akamai 将可以利用 Linode 在核算、存储和按需基础设施方面的深厚专业知识——如-服务。

假如您还不了解 Akamai,那么它们从 Web 早期就现已存在。他们发明了 CDN 并运营着国际上最杂乱的内容交给渠道。多年来,他们在产品组合中添加了国际一流的安全和边际解决方案等。

Akamai 和 Linode 之间存在天然的协同作用,不仅体现在咱们的任务和文明上,还体现在咱们各自带来的强大优势组合上。将 Linode 的核算和存储产品与 Akamai 的无服务器、CDN 和安全解决方案相结合,将为客户供给更广泛的服务来构建、现代化和扩展下一代应用程序。

今日,咱们敞开了 Linode 故事的新篇章——这一篇章巩固了咱们在日益寻找替代品的市场中的地位。该买卖估量将于 2022 年第一季度完结。与此同时,咱们要感谢您——咱们的客户——支撑并赋予咱们权利,使云核算变得简略、负担得起且易于访问。

假如您有任何问题,请随时经过 support@linode.com 与咱们联络。



二、Akamai 官网布告


Akamai 收买 Linode,为企业供给开发人员友爱型和大规划散布式渠道来构建、运转和维护应用程序

Akamai Technologies, Inc.(纳斯达克股票代码:AKAM)是国际上最值得信赖的数字体会驱动和维护解决方案,今日宣布已达成最终协议,收买 Linode,Linode 是最易于使用和最值得信赖的基础设施之一——因为-a-service (IaaS) 渠道供给商。

现代数字体会,包含像元宇宙这样的虚拟环境,是经过媒体、娱乐、技能、电子商务、金融服务和在线游戏的交融而发明的。几十年来,Akamai 经过在当今的多云、多渠道国际中为应用程序供给支撑和维护,一直是这些行业的国际领导者的重要合作伙伴。与 Linode 一同,Linode 使开发人员可以以简略、实惠和可访问的方法使用云核算,Akamai 将成为国际上从云到边际的散布式核算渠道。

“将 Linode 的开发人员友爱型云核算功能与 Akamai 市场抢先的边际渠道和安全服务相结合的机会对 Akamai 来说是一次革新,”Akamai Technologies 首席执行官兼联合创始人 Tom Leighton 博士说。 “20 多年来,Akamai 一直是边际核算事务的先驱,今日咱们很快乐经过创建一个独特的云渠道来构建、运转和维护从云到边际的应用程序,敞开咱们开展的新篇章。对于现在可以在供给前所未有的规划、覆盖规模、功能、可靠性和安全性的渠道上构建应用程序的开发人员来说,这是一个巨大的胜利。”

Linode 创始人兼首席执行官 Christopher Aker 弥补说:“咱们在 19 年前创立了 Linode,意图是让云的力气更简单、更简单获得。在此过程中,咱们构建了一个深受全球开发人员和企业信赖的云核算渠道。如今,跟着云服务变得包罗万象,包含核算、存储、安全和从核心到边际的交给,这些客户面临着新的挑战。解决这些挑战需求 Akamai 和 Linode 计划将其整合到一个屋檐下的巨大整合和规划。这标志着 Linode 敞开了激动人心的新篇章,也是咱们当前和未来客户向前迈出的重要一步。”

根据协议条款,Akamai 同意以约 9 亿美元的价格收买 Linode Limited Liability Company 的所有已发行股权,并在进行惯常的购买价格调整后。因为将买卖构建为资产购买,Akamai 估量将在未来 15 年内实现现金所得税节省,估量净现值约为 1.2 亿美元。该买卖估量将于 2022 年第一季度完结,并须恪守惯例成交条件。

在 2022 财年,收买 Linode 估量将添加约 1 亿美元的收入,并使非公认管帐准则每股收益略微添加约 0.05 美元至 0.06 美元。 Akamai 将在 2022 年 2 月 15 日下午 4:30 的财报电话会议上供给有关 Linode 的更多详细信息,以及 2021 年第四季度和年末的财政成绩以及全年指导。东部时间。

关于 Akamai

Akamai 为在线日子供给支撑和维护。全球最具创新力的公司挑选 Akamai 来维护和供给他们的数字体会——帮助数十亿人每天日子、工作和娱乐。凭仗全球最大、最受信任的边际渠道,Akamai 让应用程序、代码和体会离用户更近,而要挟离用户更远。