2 月 28 日消息,在今晚巴塞罗那的发布会上,赵明正式发布了旗下首款常规形态的骁龙 8 Gen 1 旗舰 —— 荣耀 Magic 4/ Pro 系列,提供瓷青、流金、亮黑、釉白、燃橙色(素皮)5 款配色。

荣耀 Magic4 标准版 8+256GB 版本 899 欧元(约 6373.91 元人民币),荣耀 Magic4 Pro 的 8+256GB 版本 1099 欧元(约 7791.91 元人民币),国行 3 月 17 日发布,预计售价会更低,而且将提供 12GB 内存的版本和一款至臻版。

On February 28th, at the press conference in Barcelona tonight, Zhao Ming officially released his first regular Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship – the Honor Magic 4/ Pro series, offering porcelain blue, flowing gold and bright black. , Glaze White, Burning Orange (Plain Leather) 5 colors.

The Honor Magic4 Standard Edition 8+256GB version is 899 euros (about 6373.91 yuan), and the 8+256GB version of the Honor Magic4 Pro is 1099 euros (about 7791.91 yuan), which will be released by the National Bank on March 17. The price is expected to be lower, and There will be a version with 12GB of RAM and a Premium Edition.


This series of models is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip + LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory, dual-hole screen on the left side of the Pro, front 12 million + 3D camera, supports payment-level 3D face recognition, and supports 100W wired and wireless charging , 50% charge (4600mAh battery) in 15 minutes wirelessly.





The Honor Magic 4 Pro uses a unique “Muse Eye” iconic design, the middle part seems to be a periscope lens, and the rear lens includes a 50MP main camera (7P lens), a 50MP ultra-wide-angle (1/ 2.5″, 122°), 64MP periscope telephoto (1/2″, 3.5x optical zoom, 100x zoom, OIS+EIS) and an 8×8 dToF laser focus sensor and Flicker sensor, with a 25% increase in sharpness The amount of light can be increased by 18%; however, the front seems to have changed from 32MP to 12MP lens, both of which are 1.22um 100°.



Honor Magic 4 Pro uses a 6.81-inch 2848*1312 resolution quad-curved OLED screen, 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate, 360Hz touch sampling rate, 10bit color depth, 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, 1000 nits peak Brightness, supports Motion-Sync technology and MEMC function (independent MEMC chip), is the world’s first mobile phone with both LTPO and 1920MHz PWM dimming, and supports IP68 level dustproof and waterproof.

It is reported that the first 4K 60fps 10bit-log movie mode of the Honor Magic4 series, combined with the 10bit recordable brightness range, can make the picture achieve smooth color transition and greatly improve the clarity. Honor also cooperates with IMAX, supports Magic-Log mode, and has IMX ENHANCED certification.


In addition to continuing to carry a powerful multi-camera matrix on the hardware, it has also fully upgraded the self-developed HONOR Image Engine image engine and multi-camera fusion computational photography technology, which truly means full lens participation and full focal length fusion.


The hardware of the Honor Magic4 Pro is equipped with a color engine and fusion computational photography, which can improve the image quality by 65% ​​at the 0.6-1x focal length and 160% at the 2-3.5x focal length, and the color is more accurate than the iPhone. In addition, the effect of the 4 Pro in the dynamic recording is also clearer, and even the effect of the Pro can surpass the iPhone 13 Pro.


In addition, Honor has also teamed up with a professional Hollywood imaging team to carefully modulate a number of movie-level 3D LUTs to provide rich expression space for the mood of the tone; there is also a new upgrade of the “Recording Chinese and American Shooting” function, which can also freeze beautiful moments while recording, allowing The splendor of the flow and the beauty of the moment are perfect!


In addition, in response to the common call sound leakage problem of most smartphones, the Honor industry pioneered a new “speak to me” [smart and private call function], which utilizes innovative audio technology and unique audio channel design in protected mode to maximize Reduce the sound leakage problem of users when answering calls in quiet scenes, and protect the safety of calls.

It is understood that the Honor Magic4 series can provide users with a better performance experience with lower power consumption and temperature. The machine uses superconducting hexagonal graphene with ultra-thin VC liquid cooling, and its thermal conductivity is 50% higher than that of the original graphene technology. It has both heat dissipation and thinness.

In other respects, the Honor Magic4 series also has OS Turbo X+GPU Turbo X technology, which is the first mobile phone in the industry to support game AI super rendering. Magic4 Pro’s game performance surpasses that of iPhone13 Pro. The phone also uses Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking solution. It is equipped with a dual TEE security system jointly developed with Qualcomm, equipped with an independent encryption chip, and runs Magic UI 6.0 based on Android 12.

Speaking of which, Honor also mentioned that the performance loss of the Honor Magic4 Pro after 36 months of use is only 3.6%, while the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has dropped by 3.95%.

Honor Magic4 Pro
Honor Magic4 Standard Edition

Honor Magic4 uses a 6.81-inch 2664*1224 resolution centered single-hole curved screen, similar in appearance to Magic3, 430PPI, 120Hz LTPO screen refresh rate, 360Hz touch sampling rate, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, front 12MP ultra-wide angle, no 3D Face recognition, rear triple camera 50MP wide-angle main camera IMX766 + 50MP ultra-wide-angle + 8MP periscope telephoto (5x optical zoom is stronger than Pro, up to 50X digital zoom); built-in 4800mAh battery, 66W wired charging, not supported Wireless charging.

该系列机型搭载高通骁龙 8 Gen 1 芯片 + LPDDR5 内存 + UFS 3.1 闪存,Pro 左侧双挖孔屏,前置 1200 万 + 3D 摄像头,支持支付级 3D 人脸识别,支持 100W 有线和无线充电,无线状态下 15 分钟可以充入 50% 电量(4600mAh 电池)。





荣耀 Magic 4 Pro 采用了独具一格的“缪斯之眼”标志性设计,最中间的部分似乎是一个潜望镜头,后置镜头包括 50MP 的主摄(7P 镜头)、50MP 超广角(1/2.5″,122°)、64MP 潜望式长焦(1/2″,3.5 倍光变,百倍数变,OIS+EIS)以及一个 8×8 dToF 激光对焦传感器和 Flicker 传感器,清晰度提升 25%,进光量可提升 18%;不过前置似乎从 32MP 换成了 12MP 镜头,都是 1.22um 100°。



荣耀 Magic 4 Pro 采用一块 6.81 英寸 2848*1312 分辨率的四曲 OLED 屏幕,1-120Hz 自适应刷新率、360Hz 触控采样率、10bit 色深、100% DCI-P3 广色域、1000 尼特峰值亮度,支持 Motion-Sync 技术和 MEMC 功能(独立 MEMC 芯片),是全球首款兼具 LTPO 和 1920MHz PWM 调光的手机,而且支持 IP68 级别防尘防水。

据悉,荣耀 Magic4 系列首发 4K 60fps 10bit-log 电影模式,结合 10bit 的可记录亮度范围,可以让画面实现色彩顺滑过渡,清晰度大幅提升。荣耀还与 IMAX 合作,支持 Magic-Log 模式,拥有 IMX ENHANCED 认证。


除了硬件上持续搭载强悍的多摄矩阵,同时也全面升级了自研 HONOR Image Engine 图像引擎、多主摄融合计算摄影技术,真正意义做到全镜头参与、全焦段融合。


荣耀 Magic4 Pro 的硬件搭配色彩引擎与融合计算摄影,在 0.6-1x 焦段可以提升 65% 的成像质量,在 2-3.5x 焦段可以提升 160% 的成像质量,色彩较 iPhone 也更加准确。此外在动态摄录中抓拍中 4 Pro 的效果也更清晰,甚至 Pro 的效果可超越 iPhone 13 Pro。


此外,荣耀还联手好莱坞专业影像团队精心调制多个电影级 3D LUTs,为影调情绪提供丰富表达空间;还有全新升级“录中美拍”功能,在录像的同时也能定格美好瞬间,让流动的精彩和刹那的美好完美兼得!



了解到,荣耀 Magic4 系列可以更低的功耗和温度为用户提供更卓越的性能体验,该机采用超导六方晶石墨烯搭配超薄 VC 液冷,导热性能较初代石墨烯技术提升 50%,兼得散热与轻薄。

其他方面,荣耀 Magic4 系列还具备 OS Turbo X+GPU Turbo X 技术,是业界首款支持游戏 AI 超级渲染的手机,Magic4 Pro 的游戏表现超过 iPhone13 Pro,该机还采用了高通的超声波指纹解锁方案,搭载与高通联合开发的双 TEE 安全系统,配备独立加密芯片,运行基于 Android 12 打造的 Magic UI 6.0。

说到这里,荣耀还提到荣耀 Magic4 Pro 使用 36 个月后性能损耗仅有 3.6%,而苹果 iPhone 13 Pro Max 却下降了 3.95%。

荣耀 Magic4 Pro
荣耀 Magic4 标准版

荣耀 Magic4 采用 6.81 英寸 2664*1224 分辨率的居中单孔曲面屏,外观类似 Magic3,430PPI,120Hz LTPO 屏幕刷新率,360Hz 触控采样率,1920Hz 高频 PWM 调光,前置 12MP 超广角,没有 3D 人脸识别,后置三摄 50MP 的广角主摄 IMX766+50MP 超广角 + 8MP 潜望长焦(5 倍光学变焦比 Pro 更强,最高 50X 数码变焦);内置 4800mAh 电池,66W 有线充电,不支持无线充电。