VirtualBox 是一款功能强大的 x86 虚拟机软件,它不仅具有丰富的特色,而且性能也很优异。VirtualBox 6.1.36 是一个维护版本,以下项目已修复或添加:

OVF 导出:添加了对导出包含 Virtio-SCSI 控制器的 VM 的支持
录制设置:修复了在某些情况下,可能导致无法启动 COM 服务器 (VBoxSVC) 的回归(错误 #21034)
录制:录制文件有更加确定的命名(现在将覆盖旧的 .webm 文件(如果存在))
Linux Host and Guest Additions 安装程序:改进了对系统中 systemd 存在的检查(错误 #19033)
Linux Guest Additions:引入了对内核 6.0 的初始支持
Linux 访客添加:内核 RHEL 9.1 的附加修复(错误 #21065)
Windows 访客添加:改进拖放区域


VirtualBox is a powerful x86 virtual machine software with rich features and excellent performance. VirtualBox 6.1.36 is a maintenance release and the following items have been fixed or added:

GUI: Improvements to local language support areas
OVF export: Added support for exporting VMs containing Virtio-SCSI controllers
Recording Settings: Fixed a regression that could cause the COM server (VBoxSVC) to fail to start in some cases (bug #21034)
Recording: Recording files have more deterministic naming (will now overwrite old .webm files if they exist)
Linux Host and Guest Additions installer: improved checking for systemd presence on the system (bug #19033)
Linux Guest Additions: Introduced initial support for kernel 6.0
Linux guest additions: Additional fixes for kernel RHEL 9.1 (bug #21065)
Windows Guest Addition: Improved drag and drop area

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