• Torrent-Tracker-Platforms A Curated List Of Torrent Tracker Platforms/Codebases Written In Multiple Coding Languages
  • UNIT3D The Nex-Gen Private Torrent Tracker (Aimed For Movie / TV Use)
  • meanTorrent A BitTorrent Private Tracker CMS with Multilingual, and IRC announce support, CloudFlare support.
  • NexusPHP BitTorrent private tracker scripts written in PHP.
  • Gazelle web framework geared towards private torrent trackers with a focus on music
  • opentracker opentracker is a open and free bittorrent tracker Project.


Bravo List (tracker cms/software forum) 1/29/13

Gazelle by What.CD (gazelle cms homepage) 1/29/13

TBDEV.net (tbdev cms homepage) 7/9/13

Проект TBDev – разработка движка трекера (tbdev cms development forum) 8/23/13

Build your own website today (templatesharesv cms homepage) 7/9/13

The most powerful and easy-to-use CMS software. Fast. Secure. Social. (templateshares ultimate-edition cms homepage) 7/9/13

TorrentTrader – Index page (torrenttrader cms homepage) 7/9/13

torrentstrike.co.uk (torrentstrike cms homepage) 7/9/13

TBsource PHP/MySql Bit-Torrent tracker (tbsource cms homepage) 8/29/13

Extended BitTorrent (xbtt cms homepage) 9/20/13

xbtit.com (xbtit cms homepage) 7/9/13

Home – xbtitFM 2.x (xbtitfm cms homepage) 7/10/13

diemthuy.nl (xbtit dt fm cms homepage) 8/13/13

BTITeam Home (btitracker cms homepage) 7/9/13

Buy Domains – btmanager.com is for sale! (btMANAger cms homepage) 8/24/13

IIS Windows Server (phpmybittorrent cms homepage) 7/9/13

vbitty.com (vbitty (vbtt) cms homepage) 9/2/13

ZenTracker (zentracker cms homepage) 4/18/14

TorrentPier – Wikipedia (torrentpier cms wiki) (russian) 10/1/13

code.google.com/p/torrentpier/ (torrentpier cms) (russian) 10/1/13

code.google.com/p/torrentpier2/ (torrentpier cms) (russian) 10/1/13

torrentpier.su (torrentpier cms forum) (russian) 10/1/13

Форум TorrentPier.com (torrentpier cms forum) (russian) 7/21/13

torrentpier.kz (torrentpier cms forum) (russian) 10/1/13

vkuzne.su (torrentpier cms mod forum) (russian) 10/1/13

tp-mod.sytes.net:6969 (torrentpier cms mod forum) (not updated) 10/1/13

produk alami untuk pembesaran penis (cyberhype cms) (russian) 5/25/14

Polish Bittorrent Tracker Support (torrent tracker support forum) (polish) 8/29/13

NexusPHP (nexuxphp cms homepage) (chinese) 10/1/13

tedmhost.com (p2pnow.net homepage) (chinese) 12/18/13

XBT Tracker – Wikipedia (xbt wiki) 10/1/13

code.google.com/p/xbt/ (xbt homepage) 9/20/13


TBsource PHP/MySql Bit-Torrent tracker

比如What.CD的GitHub – WhatCD/Gazelle