批量下载视频,月入十万操作思路Download videos in batches, with a monthly income of 100,000. See the title. It is estimated that many people will say, don’t write anything, who can’t download videos, why didn’t I make money? I often download videos. Not only did I not make money, but I was cut a lot of leeks. Now I will give you my research on the idea of ​​downloading videos to make money. As mentioned in the article yesterday, in fact, many virtual products are rubbish when they are scattered. It is a treasure, a weapon for making money. It just depends on whether you have found a way to make money, and have you found a way to make money?
How did I discover this project? I recently prepared another project. I searched a lot of segmented products on Pinduoduo, and bought dozens of virtual products, all of which are related to the industry. It can be said that if you want a low price, go directly to Pinduoduo, especially buying most of them. For virtual products, don’t go to channels like Douyin. You can save at least a few hundred yuan and the highest order does not exceed ten yuan when you read this article. What I have to do is to combine dozens of categories related to this field, all together, in the end I only need 88 yuan, or 198 yuan, my cost is less than 100 yuan, but I need to find the flow of these needs. When I was researching these materials, some other materials appeared in my eyes, such as a collection of thousands of videos. The price is not low, mainly because these videos are the kind that can be downloaded directly on Douyin Kuaishou, such as Food tutorials, or videos of other techniques. You will find that the above videos are actually relatively simple, either emotional, or inspirational, or technology-related videos, or parenting. Is this downloading difficult? Are those people who need these videos? Those who do the handling or do a good job, they need to send out the secondary editing of these videos to obtain traffic, or the drainage requirements for the video are relatively low, that is, there is no watermark, high-definition is OK, understand the technology and write a download by yourself I don’t know how to search directly on the Internet. A lot of people develop such software. I believe it’s easy to find such software on the Internet. If you can’t find such software, I don’t recommend you to operate the Internet. It is estimated that even the electricity bill will be charged. Can’t make it back. When our software is ready, we will download videos in the vertical field, which can be a series of videos. After downloading, we will package and sell. It is estimated that many videos have copyrights. Many videos have copyrights but no copyrights. So He complained that you can take off the shelves if you do more, but I am writing this article not to tell you to sell videos, but to learn this kind of thinking. In fact, there are too many Internet virtual products that are based on this kind of thinking, such as selling videos. There is copyright, we sort out the text version of the video, shouldn’t we have it, look at selling copywriting, they just convert the video into text in batches, and then sell the text. In fact, there are many similar gameplays, such as many The words of other people’s operations are sorted out, and sales are very good. Therefore, when we play on the Internet, what we need is thinking. The need is to find a demand, find a subdivision, find these customers, and sell them the things you prepare. You don’t make money. Who makes money, don’t think about how many tall things you do, especially when you have no team, no resources, no money. Living is more important than anything else. First learn to make the fastest money. When you can operate these simple things Your project will make money, and gradually you will also operate other projects to make money. We usually watch videos, or read articles, or cases. We must think more about it. For example, the ideas in this article can be used for reference in many other fields. Operation, especially for high-demand groups, or groups with a large audience, such as game groups, no matter how many skills are played, if you don’t understand the underlying thinking, you should know that many project gameplays are extensions of thinking, and many people are poor, and it’s yours. The thinking is too solid, and I don’t know anything at all. When you open your thinking, you will know a lot of things, and you will not be far from making money.