#31度网赚班# 中视频项目,目前靠这个项目养了11人团队【2GB干货视频课程】

In the video project, I currently rely on this project to raise a team of 11 people [Video Course] My scalp is numb after the project tutorial, and it took me 1 month to prepare, and it took 6 days to record the tutorial. Why? So strenuous? Mainly this Chinese video tutorial. The content is full of sincerity. There are 12 sessions in total, each session is about 30 minutes, and the class time alone is a full five or six hours. Of course, the entire tutorial is long and not complicated. I just put our team After operating this set of practices, I have just made a tutorial. I’m sure to say that whether there are training or tutorials on the market, I can’t find anything more than my tutorial. Of course, as for Whether it’s good or not, different people have different opinions, and the result varies from person to person.
So at the beginning of the tutorial, I will not post a lot of attractive income data to attract you to buy. Anyone who is eager for quick success and quick profit to get rich will find it difficult to do a good project. I hope that you have a rational mindset and truly Coming for learning, I also believe that this tutorial made by Bi Gao is really valuable to you.
Project: China Video Project Management Difficulty: ☆☆☆ Monetization Evaluation Project Copy Project Suitable groups: 1. Bao mother group: not suitable, most of them have poor logic and do not understand; 2. Side job: more suitable, But every day you have to have at least 2 hours of investment time 3. Full-time players: completely suitable, this set of runners can build a small matrix 4. Studio and team: completely suitable, supporting a 20-person company is no problem; The entire series of tutorials has 12 sections, 5 sections of core operation + 5 sections of content production + 2 sections of explosive start-up tutorials in the form of live action teaching + PPT explanation + screen recording demonstration teaching + background practical operation. Too much restraint, how convenient it is, how to teach it, and how to teach it. In addition, there are a few assignments that need to be completed after class. I hope that you can actively complete the homework assigned by Gao without supervision.















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