VirtualBox 6.1.34, the open source and cross-platform virtualization software, is now available, with initial support for Linux kernel 5.17, as well as various other improvements and bug fixes.

VirtualBox 6.1.34 introduces initial support for the latest Linux 5.17 kernel series for Linux guests and hosts, which means it is now possible to run GNU/Linux distributions powered by Linux kernel 5.17 in virtual machines.

Second, this release introduces initial support for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 kernel in Linux Guest Additions, improves support for the Linux 5.14 kernel series, and fixes a possible Linux guest screen resizing issue.

other updates

Fixed instruction emulation for “cmpxchg16b”,
Improved handling of short packets in EHCI interface,
Fixed a potential pending cache that could be disabled during host I/O disk I/O
Improved descriptor handling for E1000
Improved virtio-scsi driver
Fixed NVMe loading state when the drive has nothing attached

This release also improves the VBoxManage component to better handle command line arguments with incomplete quotes. There are also various improvements for Solaris, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows guests/hosts, and the full update content can be found in the official announcement.

VirtualBox 6.1.34 开源和跨平台虚拟化软件现已发布,该版本初步支持 Linux 内核 5.17,以及各种其他改进和错误修复。

VirtualBox 6.1.34 为 Linux 来宾和主机引入了对最新的 Linux 5.17 内核系列的初步支持,这意味着现在可以在虚拟机中运行由 Linux 内核 5.17 提供支持的 GNU/Linux 发行版。

其次,该版本在 Linux Guest Additions 中引入了对 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 内核的初始支持,改进了对 Linux 5.14 内核系列的支持,并修复了可能发生的 Linux 客户机屏幕大小调整问题。


改进了 EHCI 接口中短数据包的处理,
修复了在主机 I/O 磁盘 I/O 期间,可能发生的潜在挂起缓存被禁用的问题
改进了 E1000 的描述符处理
改进了 virtio-scsi 驱动程序
修复了驱动器未连接任何内容时的 NVMe 加载状态

此版本还改进了 VBoxManage 组件,可以更好地处理带有不完整引号的命令行参数。Solaris、FreeBSD、macOS 和 Windows 来宾/主机也有各种改进,完整更新内容可查看官方公告。