UbuntuDDE 21.10 发布,带有 Deepin 桌面环境的 Ubuntu 发行版

UbuntuDDE 21.10 is released, the Ubuntu release with Deepin desktop environment UbuntuDDE is an Ubuntu flavor that uses Deepin desktop environment. It has all the advantages of Ubuntu, but also has the appearance of Deepin’s desktop.
The newly released UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 is codenamed “impish” (Impish Indri). The current version is a non-LTS version and will be supported in the next nine months.
The main features of UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 are updated to the latest available Deepin desktop environment and software package based on the Ubuntu 21.10 system that uses Linux 5.13.0-22. The DDE store is updated to 1.2.3Firefox 95.0.1 as the default web browser LibreOffice 7.2 .3.2 As the default office suite Calamares installer can easily install the release version. Fixed the black screen freezing problem when trying to log in. Fixed the snap volume displayed in the file manager. Several major bug fixes included the UbuntuDDE Remix team and the upstream Deepin desktop environment. More software packages will be updated via OTA in the future. Recommended system requirements for impish wallpapers from Deepin and UbuntuDDE Remix communities. Memory: at least 4GB space: at least 20GB free space CPU: at least 2GHz processor For more details, please see: https://ubuntudde. com/blog/ubuntudde-remix-21-10-impish-release-note/

UbuntuDDE 是一个使用 Deepin 桌面环境的 Ubuntu flavor。它具有 Ubuntu 的所有优点,同时还拥有 Deepin 的桌面外观。

新发布的 UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 代号为 “impish”(Impish Indri)。目前的版本是一个非 LTS 版本,将在未来九个月内得到支持。

UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10 的主要特性

以采用了 Linux 5.13.0-22 的 Ubuntu 21.10 系统为基础
更新到最新可用的 Deepin 桌面环境和软件包
DDE 商店更新至 1.2.3
Firefox 95.0.1 作为默认的网络浏览器
LibreOffice 作为默认的办公套件
Calamares 安装程序可以轻松安装发行版
修正了文件管理器中显示的 snap 卷
包括 UbuntuDDE Remix 团队和上游 Deepin 桌面环境的几个主要的错误修复
未来将通过 OTA 更新更多软件包
来自 Deepin 和 UbuntuDDE Remix 社区的 impish 壁纸


内存:至少 4GB
空间:至少 20GB 可用空间
CPU:至少 2GHz 处理器