Tor Browser 是一个基于 Firefox ESR (Firefox with extended support) 的 Web 浏览器,默认配置通过 Tor 和 Vidalia 实现了个人隐私保护和匿名。

Tor Browser 11.0 近日正式发布。这是第一个基于 Firefox ESR 91 的稳定版本,并包括对 Tor 的重要更新。

Tor Browser is a web browser based on Firefox ESR (Firefox with extended support). The default configuration implements personal privacy protection and anonymity through Tor and Vidalia.

Tor Browser 11.0 was officially released recently. This is the first stable version based on Firefox ESR 91 and includes an important update to Tor

Tor Browser has a new look

Earlier this year, Firefox’s user interface was significantly redesigned to simplify the browser, streamline menus, and adopt a new label design. Firefox ESR 91 also introduced a new design to Tor Browser for the first time.

Every piece of custom user interface in Tor Browser has been modernized to match the new look and experience of Firefox. This includes updating basic elements such as colors, typography, and buttons, to redrawing each icon to match the new style.

Finally deprecated V2 Onion Services

It was announced last year that V2 Onion Services will be deprecated at the end of 2021. Since the release of version 10.5, Tor Browser has been warning users who visit the V2 Onion website. Now this day has finally arrived. Since the update to Tor, the V2 onion service is no longer available in Tor Browser, and users will receive an “Invalid Onion Site Address” error.

Receiving this error does not mean that there is any problem with your browser. On the contrary, the problem lies in the website you are visiting. If you want, you can notify the site administrator and encourage them to upgrade to the V3 service as soon as possible.

Although they all end in .onion, the more secure V3 address has 56 characters, while the length of V2 is only 16 characters.

Known issues

Some known issues in Tor Browser 11.0:

Bug 40671: Fonts cannot be rendered
Bug 40679: Feature missing when esr91 is first launched on macOS
Bug 40667: AV1 video appears as a corrupted file in Windows 8.1
Bug 40677: After updating to 11.0a9, some add-ons are no longer active and need to be disabled every time you start-restart
Bug 40666: Switching svg.disable will affect NoScript settings
Bug 40690: When the private browsing mode is turned off, the browser chrome will be interrupted

Other updates
Build system
Windows + OS X + Linux
Update Go to 1.16.9
Remove projects/clang-source
Change the git url of bsaes
Use bullseye to build https-everywhere
Use system Python 3 to build https-everywhere
Windows + Linux
Update binutils to 2.35.2
Switch from SJLJ exception handling to Dwarf2 in mingw of win32
Update the Windows toolchain to switch to mozilla91
Use Python 3 to run
Update macOS toolchain to switch to mozilla91
Upgrade GCC of Linux to 10.3.0
Update the Linux toolchain to switch to mozilla91
Temporarily prohibit the use of rlbox on Linux

For more details, please check:

Tor Browser 有了新面貌

今年早些时候,Firefox 的用户界面进行了大幅度的重新设计,旨在简化浏览器、精简菜单,并采用了全新的标签设计。Firefox ESR 91 也首次将新的设计引入了 Tor Browser。

Tor 浏览器中的每一块自定义用户界面都经过了现代化处理,以配合 Firefox 的新外观和体验。这包括更新颜色、排版和按钮等基本要素,到重新绘制每个图标以匹配新的风格。

最终弃用 V2 Onion Services

去年就曾宣布 V2 Onion Services 将在 2021 年年底被弃用,自 10.5 版本发布以来,Tor Browser 一直在警告那些访问 V2 洋葱网站的用户。如今这一天终于到来了,自更新到 Tor 后,V2 洋葱服务在 Tor Browser 中不再可用,用户将收到一个 “Invalid Onion Site Address”(无效的洋葱网站地址)的错误。

收到这个错误并不代表你的浏览器存在任何问题,相反,该问题出在访问的网站本身。如果你愿意,你可以通知网站的管理员,并鼓励他们尽快升级到 V3 服务。

虽然都是以 .onion 结尾,但更安全的 V3 地址有 56 个字符,而 V2 的长度仅为 16 个字符。


  • Tor Browser 11.0 中的一些已知问题:Bug 40671: 字体无法渲染
    Bug 40679: 在 macOS 上首次启动 esr91 时功能缺失
    Bug 40667: AV1 视频在 Windows 8.1 中显示为损坏的文件
    Bug 40677: 更新到 11.0a9 后,一些附加组件就不处于激活状态了,每次启动都需要禁用-重启
    Bug 40666: 切换 svg.disable 会影响 NoScript 设置
    Bug 40690: 当隐私浏览模式关闭时,浏览器 chrome 会中断
  • ……


  • 构建系统
    • Windows + OS X + Linux
      • 更新 Go 到 1.16.9
      • 移除 projects/clang-source
      • 更改 bsaes 的 git url
      • 使用 bullseye 来构建 https-everywhere
      • 使用系统的 Python 3 来构建 https-everywhere
    • Windows + Linux
      • 更新 binutils 到 2.35.2
    • Windows
      • 在 win32 的 mingw 中从 SJLJ 异常处理切换到 Dwarf2
      • 更新 Windows 工具链,以切换至 mozilla91
      • 使用 Python 3 来运行
    • macOS
      • 更新 macOS 的工具链,以切换至 mozilla91
    • Linux
      • 将 Linux 的 GCC 升级至 10.3.0
      • 更新 Linux 工具链,以切换至 mozilla91
      • 暂时禁止在 Linux 上使用 rlbox


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(洋葱头浏览器)Tor Browser 11.0.10 正式版发布 2022.04.07

(洋葱头浏览器)Tor Browser 11.0.9 正式版发布 2022.03.18

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