#开源项目#自媒体必备 win系轻量级图片查看器 Quick Picture Viewer 3.1.4 中文免费版 #Open Source Project# Self-media must-have win-based lightweight picture viewer Quick Picture Viewer 3.1.4 Chinese Free Edition Open Source Free Lightweight Windows Image Viewer Quick Picture Viewer Chinese version is a lightweight, multi-functional desktop for Windows Image viewer. The best alternative to the default Windows Photo Viewer. “Quick Picture Viewer” is part of the “Quick” open source suite of tools that work with applications designed to provide free, free-to-use tools for everyday life. This picture viewer does what the name suggests: helps you view pictures and provides everything you expect from this program. All of this is elegantly packaged in a very small package, which gives us access to a lot of options.
Open Source Free Lightweight Windows Image Viewer Quick Picture Viewer Chinese Version Quick Picture Viewer Features: Supported Image Formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .exif, .gif, .bmp, .dib , .rle, .tiff, .tif, .ico, .webp, .svg, .dds, .tga, .psd, .cr2…Basic image editing: rotate, flip, crop, change file type…Puzzle plugin ready To open an image with an external application or display a file in Explorer Picture-in-picture mode Checkerboard background Set image as desktop background Printer print image or export as PDF View image details Play with it and discover how intuitive it can become. After completing the basic standard installation process, you will be prompted in the main window. As expected, you can choose to open a file by dragging it or selecting it using the corresponding “Open” function. The footer always shows the name of the picture and its type, the path to the file, the size of the picture, the date and hour it was created.
On the top bar you will find small icons. Among other things, what makes the app feel good: the ability to open files with external applications, with auto-zoom, screenshots, options to copy/paste images, and a checkerboard/standard basic layout for transparent background formatting.
Less is more – an app that won’t be overused Many apps try to include functionality that the average user doesn’t need, and often creates frustration. Even if you’re a professional in the field, you wouldn’t expect a picture visualizer to have multiple elements open in different tabs in the same window. Too much for a picture viewer.
The program is intuitive and doesn’t complicate things. Also, after zooming in or out of a picture, you want mouse scrolling to have basic up and down functionality, not a zoom in/out modulator (which can also be frustrating at times). Quick Picture Viewer maintains the original up and down functionality of mouse scrolling, which is great!
Some other nice features this program offers are: always on top – make sure it overlaps other program’s windows, picture-in-picture mode – for those who want to see the image as a reference for a different purpose (graphically, physically drawing, editing use, etc.), and even metadata information that can be easily accessed and copied to the clipboard.
Conclusion Quick Picture Viewer is a great choice for anyone. It’s easy to use and install, runs smoothly, always provides all the information you need about the file you’re viewing and manipulating, and finally, has a beautiful interface that makes this program a lot of fun.
Quick Picture Viewer Chinese settings: three button options on the right side of the toolbar, open Settings – Localization – select Chinese (Chinese), and then select Restart to restart the software.

开源免费轻量级 Windows 图像查看器Quick Picture Viewer 中文版是适用于 Windows 的轻巧,多功能的桌面图像查看器。默认 Windows 照片查看器的最佳替代品。“Quick Picture Viewer”是“快速”开源套件的一部分,该工具与旨在提供免费,免费使用的日常生活中工具的应用程序一起使用。该图片查看器执行了顾名思义的操作:可帮助您查看图片并提供该程序所期望的一切。所有这些都被优雅地包装在一个非常小的包装中,这使我们能够使用很多选择。


开源免费轻量级 Windows 图像查看器 Quick Picture Viewer 中文版
Quick Picture Viewer 特点:

支持的图像格式:.png,.jpg,.jpeg,.jpe,.jfif,.exif,.gif,.bmp,.dib,.rle,.tiff,.tif,.ico,.webp,.svg, .dds,.tga,.psd,.cr2 …
打印机打印图像或导出为 PDF




这个程序是直观的,不会使事情复杂化。另外,在放大或缩小图片后,您希望鼠标滚动具有基本的上下功能,而不希望成为放大/缩小调制器(有时也可能令人沮丧)。 Quick Picture Viewer保持鼠标滚动原始的上下功能,这太棒了!


Quick Picture Viewer 中文设置:

工具栏右侧三按钮选项,打开 Settings – Localization – 选择 Chinese(中文),然后选择 Restart 重启软件即可。


What’s new in Quick Picture Viewer 3.1.4
May 10, 2021
Updated translations
QuickLibrary v2.5.8
Combine Save & Save As buttons
Show checkerboard background on Cut action (Ctrl+X)
Croatian language
Installer: Context menu checkboxes
PiP: Add 1:1 button
Application not opening (#26)
Auto-zoom is enabled after enabling always on top
In-app notifications anchored to the PicturePanel
Always on top mode for update dialog (#64)
Fix: Installation text in Chinese (#66)
Fix: Dragging image if any context menu is opened
Selection tool: Right-click not working
Wrong format of saved images
Blank screen when trying to save a file with the doubled extension (.png.svg etc)
Some issues related to the file extension names (lower/upper case)
Cr2 memory leak
You can open just one CR2 file per all app instances