Proton 是一个基于 Wine 和附加组件的 Steam Play 兼容性工具,需要配合 Steam 客户端一起使用。Proton 可以让那些原本针对 Windows 平台独占的游戏也能在 Linux 操作系统上运行。

在最新版本 Proton 7.0-2 中,官方提供了对近期热门游戏《艾尔登法环》的支持(Steam Deck 首日即支持),让玩家可以在 Linux 平台畅玩这款游戏。除此之外,其他更新内容如下:

更新 dxvk 到 v1.10.1
更新 vkd3d-proton 至 v2.6
更新 dxvk-nvapi 至 v0.5.3
修复《赛博朋克 2077》在 4.0 音频设置下崩溃的问题
修复《文明 6》在游戏几分钟后崩溃的问题
《拳皇 13》
《使命召唤:黑色行动 3》
《勇者斗恶龙创世小玩家 2》


4 月 25 日消息,Proton 是一个基于 Wine 修改版的工具分发,由 Valve 设计和提供资金,可兼容 Windows 平台游戏。

近日,Proton 7.0.2 已在 GitHub 发布,提供了对目前大热的《艾尔登法环》的支持,也就是说 Linux 系统也可以运行该游戏了。



《鬼泣:HD 合集》

《勇者斗恶龙:创世小玩家 2》



《拳皇 13》


《ATRI -My Dear Moments-》

《罪恶装备 ISUKA》


《合金弹头 2/3 / X》

《One Shot and One Shot: Fading Memory》

《使命召唤:黑色行动 3》

《圣斗士星矢: 斗士之魂》




《棒球之星 2》


此前,Steam Deck 掌机已经首发支持了《艾尔登法环》,而此次 Proton 7.0.2 更新将支持更广泛的 Linux 设备。

IT之家了解到,Proton 7.0.2 还修复了多款游戏的运行问题,包括《赛博朋克 2077》因 4.0 音频设置而崩溃、《文明 6》在游戏几分钟后崩溃等。

此外,Proton 7.0.2 对图形接口进行了升级:

dxvk 更新到 v1.10.1

vkd3d-proton 更新到 v2.6

dxvk-nvapi 更新到 v0.5.3Proton is a Wine and add-on based Steam Play compatibility tool that is required to be used with the Steam client. Proton allows games that were originally exclusive to the Windows platform to run on the Linux operating system.
In the latest version of Proton 7.0-2, the official support for the recent popular game “Ayrden’s Circle” (Steam Deck is supported on the first day) allows players to play this game on the Linux platform. In addition, other updates are as follows: Update dxvk to v1.10.1 Update vkd3d-proton to v2.6 Update dxvk-nvapi to v0.5.3 6″ crashed after a few minutes of the game Fixed “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” showing an unsupported driver warning
“Devil May Cry” HD Collection “Escape From Heaven”
The King of Fighters 13
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
“Dragon Quest Creation Player 2”
…more details can be found: 25th news, Proton is a tool distribution based on a modified version of Wine, designed and provided by Valve Money, compatible with Windows platform games.
Recently, Proton 7.0.2 has been released on GitHub, providing support for the currently popular “Ayrden Circle”, which means that the Linux system can also run the game.
New game: Asha’s Studio
Devil May Cry: The HD Collection
“Dragon Quest: Creation Games 2”
“Escape From Heaven”
“Maze Story”
The King of Fighters 13
“ATRI -My Dear Moments-”
Guilty Gear ISUKA
Reverse: Deluxe Edition
“Metal Slug 2/3/X”
One Shot and One Shot: Fading Memory
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
“Saint Seiya: Soul of the Fighter”
“The Middle Ages”
Bright Memory: Infinite
Double Dragon: The Trilogy
Baseball Stars 2
“Eldon Circle”
Previously, the Steam Deck handheld already supported Ayrton’s Ring for the first time, and this Proton 7.0.2 update will support a wider range of Linux devices.
IT House learned that Proton 7.0.2 also fixes the running problems of several games, including “Cyberpunk 2077” crashing due to 4.0 audio settings, “Civilization 6” crashing after a few minutes of the game, etc.
In addition, Proton 7.0.2 has upgraded the graphical interface: dxvk updated to v1.10.1 vkd3d-proton updated to v2.6 dxvk-nvapi updated to v0.5.3