Opera 是一个多平台网络浏览器,由其同名公司 Opera 开发。Opera 如今是一个基于 Chromium 的浏览器。它通过其用户界面和其他功能将自己与其他浏览器区分开来。

Opera 87 正式发布,该版本基于 Chromium 101(101.0.4951.64),具体更新内容如下:
Easy Files:

在这个版本中,Opera 改进了 Easy Files,引入了选择多个文件的功能,使其变得更加容易使用。Easy Files 现在在一个文件上悬停时显示一个复选框,点击复选框使 Easy Files 可以进入多选模式,让你选择多个文件并一次性上传。

更新 Chromium 至 101.0.4951.64
启用 #easy-files-multiupload
修复 “切换到标签” 按钮在下拉菜单中的某些类别没有向右对齐的问题
修复 AccuWeather 应该用大写的 W 来拼写 AccuWeather 的问题
当从地址栏拖动文本时,Opera 不会关闭地址栏的下拉菜单
[WIN] 在安装程序中对签名验证错误进行更好的诊断
[Mac] 网络安装程序崩溃
[Mac] 安装程序崩溃:由于未捕获的异常 “NSRangeException” 而终止了应用程序
在 libcurl 和 AU 中启用 IPv6
修复设置按钮在 PiP 窗口上不可见的问题




Opera is a multi-platform web browser developed by its namesake company, Opera. Opera is now a Chromium-based browser. It differentiates itself from other browsers by its user interface and other features.

Opera 87 is officially released. This version is based on Chromium 101 (101.0.4951.64). The specific updates are as follows:

Easy Files:

In this release, Opera has improved Easy Files by introducing the ability to select multiple files, making it even easier to use. Easy Files now displays a checkbox when hovering over a file, clicking the checkbox enables Easy Files to enter multi-select mode, allowing you to select multiple files and upload them all at once.

Update Chromium to 101.0.4951.64
Enable #easy-files-multiupload
Use “Preferences” to set the number of recent searches and recent closes in the drop-down list
Feedback buttons in filtered dropdowns can overlap other web buttons to highlight suggestions
Add bookmarks at the bottom of the bookmarks bar folder
Fixed “Switch to Tab” button not aligning to the right for some categories in the drop-down menu
Fixed a crash in the sidebar when the extension of the sidebar item was uninstalled
Fix AccuWeather should spell AccuWeather with a capital W
Opera doesn’t close address bar dropdown menu when dragging text from address bar
[WIN] Better diagnosis of signature verification errors in the installer
[Mac] Network Installer crashes
[Mac] Installer crash: Terminated application due to uncaught exception “NSRangeException”
Make history matches appear at the top
Enable IPv6 in libcurl and AU
Fixed setting button not being visible on PiP window

For more details, please check: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2022/05/opera-87-stable/