Opera 浏览器 Opera 82.0 Build 4227.23 + x64 中文多语免费版

Opera 浏览器 Opera 中文版已经发布。Opera 是一种免费的开源 Web 浏览器和网络软件,由挪威 Opera Software ASA 公司开发,拥有超过 5000 万用户。它用于一般的 Internet 应用程序,例如显示网站,接收和发送电子邮件,管理通信,IRC 在线聊天,通过 BitTorrent 协议加载以及阅读 Web 订阅。 Opera 可在 PC,手机和平板电脑上免费使用。Opera browser Opera Chinese version has been released. Opera is a free and open source web browser and network software developed by the Norwegian Opera Software ASA company and has more than 50 million users. It is used for general Internet applications, such as displaying websites, receiving and sending emails, managing communications, IRC online chat, loading via BitTorrent protocol, and reading web subscriptions. Opera is free to use on PCs, mobile phones and tablets.
Several reasons why you have a special liking for Opera. Compared with other browsers, we have simplified the browsing processing function and combined with the built-in ad blocking function to achieve a faster web page loading experience.
Contact at any time Use the built-in Messenger in the sidebar of the browser, chatting and browsing at one fell swoop, no need to switch between tabs and applications all the time.
You can customize Opera by setting dark and light themes, keyboard shortcuts, favorite bookmarks, and many other options.
Built-in ad blocking function Built-in ad blocking function allows you to get rid of the interference of endless online advertisements. It can also block malicious software such as mining and help speed up page loading, just like a browser “ninja”.
Built-in Messenger to chat with friends while browsing the web without switching between tabs or applications.
Dark and light modes can customize Opera by setting dark and light themes, keyboard shortcuts, wallpapers, extensions, favorite bookmarks and many other options.
It’s time to switch to Opera. You know that when you don’t want to make a change (such as going out for an activity), but a friend persuaded you. Afterwards, you are really happy for your change. This is the situation now.
Opera’s key components include tab-based browsing, small and zoom functions, various mouse cursor shapes, and an integrated loading management section. Operationally, Opera has built-in protection features that can resist phishing attacks and malicious software, such as worms or Trojan horses, and maintain security when browsing websites and deleting personal information (such as cookies).
Opera can run on a variety of operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Although Opera’s browser features are far superior to Firefox and is also known as the fastest web browser, it only accounts for a small part of the computer browser market, although Opera is used in mobile phones, smartphones, and digital assistants. In terms of equipment, there is a stronger market. Opera can be used on devices running Symbian OS or Windows Mobile. Approximately 2 million mobile devices have Opera software. Opera is also the only browser available on Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. Opera is the most popular web browser in some countries (such as Ukraine).

让您对 Opera 情有独钟的几个理由


使用浏览器侧边栏中的内置 Messenger,聊天、浏览一举兼得,无需一直在标签页和应用程序之间切换。

可通过设置暗色和亮色主题、键盘快捷键、收藏夹书签和许多其他选项,对 Opera 进行自定义设定。


内置 Messenger

可通过设置暗色和亮色主题、键盘快捷键、墙纸、扩展程序、收藏夹书签和许多其他选项,对 Opera 进行自定义设定。

是时候换成 Opera 了

Opera 的关键组件包括基于选项卡的浏览,小型和放大功能,各种鼠标光标形状以及集成的加载管理部分。在操作上,Opera 具有内置的防护功能,可抵御网络钓鱼攻击和恶意软件,例如蠕虫或特洛伊木马,以及在浏览网站和删除个人信息(例如 Cookie)时保持安全性的功能。

Opera 可在多种操作系统上运行,例如 Microsoft Windows,Mac OS X,Linux,FreeBSD 和 Solaris。尽管 Opera 的浏览器功能远远优于 Firefox,并且也被称为最快的 Web 浏览器,但它仅占计算机浏览器市场的一小部分,尽管 Opera 在诸如手机,智能手机和数字助理等移动设备方面拥有更强大的市场。Opera 可用于运行 Symbian OS 或 Windows Mobile 的设备。大约有 200 万移动设备具有 Opera 软件。 Opera 还是Nintendo DS 和 Wii 游戏机上唯一可用的浏览器。 Opera 在某些国家(例如乌克兰)是最受欢迎的网络浏览器。


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