火狐浏览器Mozilla Firefox迎来新版发布,详细版本号为v96.0.1,Firefox拥有最快、最安全的上网体验!中文名通常称为“火狐”或“火狐浏览器”(正式缩写为Fx,非正式缩写为FF),是一款主流的开源网页浏览器,使用的Gecko引擎。它能够同时支持多种网络标准;可以进行个性化定制;火狐游览器内核性能非常优秀,支持安装第三方扩展程序。


今天,Mozilla发布了最新的Firefox 96正式版,支持Windows、Linux、macOS三大平台。

根据更新说明,Firefox 96大幅减少了主线程负载,意味着可以明显降低对系统资源的占用,运行更快速、更流畅。

同时,新版还显著改进了噪声抑制、自动获取控制,改善了回声消除,可获得更好的整体体验,并开始默认开启“Cookie Policy: Same-Site=lax”,有助于抵御CSRF(跨站请求伪造)攻击。



Firefox browser Mozilla Firefox ushered in a new version release, the detailed version number is v96.0.0, Firefox has the fastest and most secure online experience! The Chinese name is usually called “Firefox” or “Firefox” (formally abbreviated as Fx, informally abbreviated as FF), which is a mainstream open source web browser that uses the Gecko engine. It can support a variety of network standards at the same time; it can be customized; the performance of the Firefox browser kernel is very good, and it supports the installation of third-party extensions.

New version changes

Firefox v96.0.0 (2022-01-10)


The main update of the official version of Firefox v96,
– This version has noticeable improvements in noise suppression and auto-grain control, plus there are minor improvements in echo cancellation, giving you a better overall experience.
– Mozilla claims to have significantly reduced the load on the main thread.
– Firefox browser will now enforce cookie policy: ame-site=lax by default to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Firefox v95 official version major update, what becomes interesting with the new version is the integration of RLBox, on all platforms, the Mozilla Firefox 95.0 browser now uses RLBox to secure third-party libraries, RLBox is designed to sandbox third-party libraries , which consists of a WebAssembly-based sandbox and an API for retrofitting existing application code within the sandbox library. RLBox will isolate the memory of the sandboxed library from the memory of the application/Firefox, along with other security benefits.

Firefox v94 official release major update, Colorways, site isolation enabled by default, and multiple performance and security improvements for all platforms.
– Colorways prompt on first run, which provides from six new color themes, allowing the user to choose 1 of them.
– Site isolation is now enabled to help defend against malicious websites trying to hijack sensitive information from other websites the user is visiting.
– Automatically handle updates on Windows (in the background, so no more update prompts to bother the user).
– The least recently used tab can be manually unloaded on the about:unloads page on all desktop platforms.
– Supports Apple’s Low Power Mode in full screen videos from sites like YouTube and Twitch.
– Linux users get improved WebGL performance and reduced power consumption.
– Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension integrates with Mozilla VPN to use different server locations for different containers.

The main update of the official version of Firefox v93, AVIF image support is enabled by default. As an image standard based on the AV1 video codec, AVIF image support provides great bandwidth saving capabilities. Now this format can work in the stable version of Firefox. Optimized for better support for filling out forms, in addition to new protection for downloading unsafe content, among other improvements.


Firefox v96.0.1(2022-01-14)



Firefox v96.0.0(2022-01-10)


Firefox v96正式版主要更新,
– 该版本在噪音抑制和auto-grain控制方面有明显的改进,此外,在回声消除方面也有轻微的改进,为你提供了更好的整体体验。
– Mozilla声称已经大大减少了主线程的负载。
– Firefox浏览器现在将默认执行Cookie策略:ame-site=lax,以防止跨站请求伪造(CSRF)攻击。

Firefox v95正式版主要更新,新版本变得有趣的是RLBox的整合,在所有平台上,Mozilla Firefox 95.0浏览器现在使用RLBox来保护第三方库的安全,RLBox旨在对第三方库进行沙盒处理,它由一个基于WebAssembly的沙盒和一个用于在沙盒库内改装现有应用程序代码的API组成。RLBox将把沙盒库的内存与应用程序/Firefox的内存隔离开来,与此同时还有其他安全优势。

Firefox v94正式版主要更新,Colorways、默认启用的网站隔离,以及所有平台的多种性能和安全改进。
– 首次运行时的Colorways提示,它提供了从六个新的颜色主题,允许用户选择其中1个。
– 现在启用了网站隔离(Site isolation),以帮助防御恶意网站试图从用户正在访问的其他网站劫持敏感信息。
– 在Windows上自动处理更新(在后台,所以没有更多的更新提示来干扰用户)。
– 在所有桌面平台上的about:unloads页面,可以手动卸载最近使用的最少的标签。
– 在YouTube和Twitch等网站的全屏视频中支持苹果的低功率模式。
– Linux用户获得了改进的WebGL性能和降低的功耗。
– Firefox多账户容器扩展与Mozilla VPN整合,为不同容器使用不同的服务器位置。

Firefox v93正式版主要更新,默认启用了AVIF图像支持,AVIF图像支持作为基于AV1视频编解码器的图像标准,提供了极大的带宽节省能力,现在这种格式已经可以在Firefox稳定版中工作。优化了对填写表格的更好支持,除此之外还有新的不安全内容下载保护,以及其他改进。


Mozilla Firefox v96.0.0 官方简体中文正式版(2022-01-10)

Mozilla Firefox v91.5.0 ESR 官方简体中文版(2022-01-10)


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