Linux 5.16 内核已升级为稳定版,不过由于中间有一段新年假期,自 Linux 5.16 rc8 之后的新内容并不多,只有一些驱动修复(主要是网络和 rdma),一个 cgroup 凭证使用的修复,一些核心网络修复以及其他杂项。

Linux 5.16 具有许多新功能,包括用于帮助 Steam Play(和 Wine)的 FUTEX2 futex_waitv 系统调用、memory folios 已成为主流、改进对 AMD Ryzen 6000 系列的支持、稳定的英特尔 Alder Lake S 显卡、英特尔对 Sapphire Rapids 的 AMX 支持已经落地、大型 AMD Ryzen 的一些 Radeon 图形性能改进、以及大量其他硬件改进。The Linux 5.16 kernel has been upgraded to the stable version, but due to the New Year’s holiday in between, there is not much new content since Linux 5.16 rc8, only some driver fixes (mainly network and rdma), a fix for cgroup credentials usage, some core Network fixes and other miscellaneous stuff.
Linux 5.16 has many new features including FUTEX2 futex_waitv system call to help Steam Play (and Wine), memory folios have gone mainstream, improved support for AMD Ryzen 6000 series, stable Intel Alder Lake S graphics, Intel support for Sapphire Rapids AMX support has landed, some Radeon graphics performance improvements for the larger AMD Ryzen, and plenty of other hardware improvements.
The foreign media Phoronix has made some statistics on this version. When running cloc, the size of Linux 5.16 is: At present, Linux 5.16 has about 22.5 million lines of source code, another 3.8 million lines of comments and another 4 million lines of blank lines, distributed in 63.5k in a file. The current Linux Git tree totals about 30.4 million lines.
The Linux 5.17 merge window is open with more interesting new features, but Linus Torvalds revealed in an email that he will be out on a family trip during the Linux 5.17 merge window: “I do most things on the road with my laptop, but travel The main problem during the period is that I will rely more on cloud-based automated build tests”, so the release time of Linux 5.17-related versions is still open to question.

外媒 Phoronix 对此版本进行了一些统计,运行 cloc 时,Linux  5.16 的大小为:

目前 Linux  5.16 大约有 2250 万行源代码,另有 380 万行注释和另外 400 万行空白行,分布在 63.5k 个文件中。当前 Linux 的 Git 树总共大约有 3040 万行。

Linux 5.17 合并窗口已打开,包含更多有趣的新特性,不过 Linus Torvalds 在邮件中透露自己将在 Linux 5.17 合并窗口期间出门进行家庭旅游: “我会在路上用笔记本电脑做大部分事情,不过旅行期间的主要问题是我会更多地依赖基于云的自动化构建测试”,因此 Linux 5.17 相关版本的发版时间还有待商榷。