Added: 1. DHCP service: Support physical interface association 2. External network settings: PPPOE supports abnormal IP detection 3. AC management: supports wireless network optimization 3. Supports NetEx ( 1000M/10Gb network card driver4 . Support log output to the outside, which needs to be used with cloud platform 5. Support message reminder function Fix: 1. The bug that the USB network card cannot display the speed 2. Solve the bug that a kernel causes the system to crash. 3. Solve the bug that some NVME hard disks recognize. : Bug 5. WEB authentication: Authentication failed in bypass mode. 6. Port shunt: Binding line may fail bug Optimization: 1. Update the kernel version to: 5.10.1132. Update the IGC network card Driver: IGC3 using kernel 5.15.36. Update R8125 driver: 9.009.004. Automatically load Intel I226 network card driver When the network is congested, some small routes may be actively disconnected (it is recommended that friends open the pppd option lcp-echo-adaptive)
8. The 32-bit system allows the maximum number of CPUs to be adjusted to 8. 9. System monitoring: Increase CPU temperature statistics 10. Virtual machine: Automatically restart when it crashes

1. DHCP服务: 支持关联物理接口
2. 外网设置: PPPOE支持异常IP检测
3. AC管理: 支持无线网优
3. 支持网迅(网卡驱动
4. 支持日志输出到外部,需云平台配合使用
5. 支持消息提醒功能

1. USB网卡不能显示速率的Bug
2. 解决一个内核引起系统崩溃的Bug
3. 解决部分NVME硬盘识别的Bug
4. OpenVPN客户端: 重启系统后,导致循环重连的Bug
5. WEB认证: 旁路模式下认证失败的Bug
6. 端口分流: 绑定线路可能失效的Bug

1. 更新内核版本为: 5.10.113
2. 更新IGC网卡驱动: 使用kernel 5.15.36的IGC
3. 更新R8125驱动: 9.009.00
4. 自动加载Intel I226网卡驱动
5. 优化TCP流的转发性能
6. 优化双机热备
7. 优化PPPOE服务端的LCP响应,避免内网拥塞时一些小路由可能会主动断开(建议友商打开pppd选项lcp-echo-adaptive)
8. 32位系统允许最大CPU数量调整为8个
9. 系统监控: 增加CPU温度统计
10. 虚拟机: 当宕机时自动重新启动