开源免费BT/批量下载工具 DownZemAll! 中文版 工具发布。DownZemAll! 是对旧版软件 DownZemAll! 的重写!这是 Mozilla Firefox 的扩展,但它的开发在 2016 年左右停止,当时 Mozilla Firefox 迁移到 WebExtensions。DownZemAll! 是适用于 Windows、MacOS 和 Linux 的独立下载管理器。由于之前官方没有中文,经过努力翻译,官方已经提供包含中文版本的 DownZemAll!。Open source free BT/batch download tool DownZemAll! Chinese version tool released. DownZemAll! is a rewrite of the old software DownZemAll!! This is an extension of Mozilla Firefox, but its development stopped around 2016 when Mozilla Firefox migrated to WebExtensions. DownZemAll! is an independent download manager for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Since there was no official Chinese before, after Big Eye’s efforts to translate, the official has provided DownZemAll that includes the Chinese version.

Designed to work with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (powered by WebExtensions) and other web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari…). It is written in C++ and based on the Qt5 framework.

Although some people may argue that they don’t really need a download manager, the truth is that such tools make crawling files easier, faster, and more convenient. DownZemAll! is a comprehensive download manager, it contains several advanced features to make the whole process fast and smooth.

Support batch downloads and torrent files. This program is a rewrite of DownThemAll!, which is a popular Firefox extension, which unfortunately is no longer supported. In addition to being a standalone application, the developer also provides the option to add it as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The GUI is clean and user-friendly, and most of the space is dedicated to adding files to download. You just need to click the dedicated plus button to add files, and then you can quickly access YouTube. Before downloading the file, you can add a custom name, reference page, description, specify the completed download folder, add a mask and checksum (if necessary).

You will be happy to learn that this tool can also act as a torrent client, which you can enable from the Preferences menu. Just mark the Enable Torrent checkbox, and optionally specify the maximum number of downloads, uploads, connections, or peer-to-peer points for each torrent. At the same time, the tool enables you to include specific peer IP addresses.

Allows you to use filters with privacy features. The app enables you to add filters with specific titles and extensions, so you don’t accidentally crawl inaccessible files. Other notable features include privacy settings that allow you to clean the cache or access it to delete unwanted items.

In addition, the application provides a direct location to store temporary files. Therefore, if you happen to encounter a situation where the download fails due to file damage, DownTHemAll allows you to clean up the damaged file, thereby preventing you from obtaining the files you need.

The program is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

You need to use it at your own risk. The author, contributor or any other person associated with this DownZemAll software and DownRightNow network extension is not responsible for your use of the application in any way.

Please note that this website contains copyrighted material whose use is not always specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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DownZemAll! 旨在与最新版本的 Mozilla Firefox(由 WebExtensions 提供支持)和其他网络浏览器(Chrome、Edge、Safari…)配合使用。DownZemAll! 是用C++编写的,基于 Qt5 框架。

虽然有些人可能会争辩说他们并不真的需要下载管理器,但事实是这样的工具使抓取文件更简单、更快、更方便。 DownZemAll! 是一个综合的下载管理器,它包含了几个高级功能,使整个过程快速流畅。

该程序是对 DownThemAll! 的重写,这是一种流行的 Firefox 扩展,不幸的是不再获得支持。除了作为独立应用程序之外,开发人员还提供了将其添加为 Chrome 和 Firefox 扩展的选项。

GUI 干净且用户友好,大部分空间专用于添加要下载的文件。您只需单击专用的加号按钮即可添加文件,然后您就可以快速访问 YouTube。在下载文件之前,您可以添加自定义名称、引用页面、描述、指定完成的下载文件夹、添加掩码和校验和(如有必要)。

您会很高兴地了解到该工具还可以充当 Torrent 客户端,您可以从“首选项”菜单启用该功能。只需标记启用 Torrent 复选框,并可选择指定每个 Torrent 的最大下载、上传、连接数或对等点数。同时,该工具使您能够包含特定的对等 IP 地址。


此外,该应用程序提供了存储临时文件的直接位置。因此,如果您碰巧遇到由于文件损坏而导致下载失败的情况,DownTHemAll 允许您清理损坏的文件,从而阻止您获取所需文件。

该程序是在 GNU 宽松通用公共许可证 (LGPL) 下发布的。

需要您自担风险使用它。 作者、贡献者或与此 DownZemAll 软件和 DownRightNow 网络扩展程序相关的任何其他人,无论以任何方式,均不对您对应用程序的使用负责。



What’s new in DownZemAll! 2.5.2
November 11, 2021
[Stream] Update yt-dlp
[UI] Improve stream dialog (add subtitles selector)
[Stream] Refactor stream data structure for yt-dlp’s new features
[Session] Fix bug with session data
[Updater] Fix minor issues (autoupdater, link error, tests)
[i18n] Update translation
[Blog] Updated icons