谷歌浏览器Google Chrome正式版迎来v97首个版本发布,详细版本号为v97.0.4692.71,上一个正式版v96.0.4664.110发布于12月14日,时隔22天Google又发布了新版Chrome浏览器,本次升级主要是更新了安全修复和稳定性改进及用户体验。#开源项目# 谷歌浏览器 Google Chrome v97.0.4692.71 正式版发布 附下载地址

The official version of Google Chrome ushered in the first version of v97. The detailed version number is v97.0.4692.71. The last official version v96.0.4664.110 was released on December 14th. Google released a new version after 22 days. Chrome browser, this upgrade is mainly to update security fixes, stability improvements and user experience. New version changes Chrome v97.0.4692.71 official version (2022-01-05) The main update of the official version of Google Chrome v97 introduces the WebTransport API. WebTransport is a protocol framework similar to the WebRTC data channel, but is mainly used for clients restricted by the network security model. It uses secure, multi-multiplex transmission and remote servers. Communication. WebTransport uses HTTP/3 protocol for two-way transmission. Unlike TCP-based WebSockets, WebTransport relies on UDP-like packets and cancelable streams. WebTransport is currently in the W3C working draft status. Chrome 97 also adds CSS media queries for HDR display detection, new JavaScript methods, and more local network application support. The main update of the official version of Google Chrome v96 allows users to enable the Windows 11-style right-click menu on the user interface by enabling the specified experimental flag in the Experiments page. More specifically, Google has added a new Windows 11-style menu logo, allowing the browser to “use Windows 11-style menus as much as possible”, so it is consistent with other interfaces of the system. By default, this flag is still disabled, most likely because Google has been working hard to improve it, so it is expected that there will be additional news in this regard in the upcoming update. Others also added some minor developer functions, some user improvements, such as backward caching on the desktop, as well as problem fixes and security maintenance work. The official version of Google Chrome v95 is mainly updated. The function of saving tag groups is becoming a trend in desktop web browsers. When you close Chrome, you don’t have to worry about losing and having to recreate them, because a simple switch will allow you to save these groups for Use in the future. Chrome 95 began to enforce the cookie size limit and canceled the support for the FTP file transfer protocol. The size of the cookie name + value is strictly limited to a maximum of 4096 bytes. The length of each attribute is a maximum of 1024 bytes. Was completely rejected. Chrome 95 enhanced the user agent (UA) client prompt to cater to the detection of different Windows versions. Chrome 95 also cancelled support for the FTP file transfer protocol. Careful users should find that Chrome no longer supports encrypted FTP connections such as FTPS, and lacks corresponding proxy support. Security fixes and rewards googlechromereleases.blogspot.comChrome v97.0.4692.71, this update includes 37 security fixes.


Chrome 97 已于今天正式发布,这个版本带来了更好的删除存储网站数据的工具、更一致的 Web 应用,以及移动版浏览器更精细的缩放控制,当然也带来了具有争议的键盘映射 API。


Chrome 97 对隐私和安全设置做了一些改变。你现在可以删除一个网站存储的所有数据。此前,你只能选择删除所有网站数据或删除个别的 cookies。这个新的设置可以在「设置」>「安全和隐私」>「网站设置」>「查看权限和跨网站存储的数据」中找到。

Web 应用更像本地应用


此前让 Web 应用程序看起来不像本地应用的一个区域是顶部的应用栏。Chrome 97 允许 Web 应用程序利用这一空间,用于放置搜索栏、导航按钮和颜色等元素。


桌面端的 Chrome 浏览器已经能够记住你对特定网站的缩放设置,Chrome 会在每次访问该网站时保持这一设置。如今在 Chrome 97 中加入了一个功能标志,可以在移动端做到这一点。

该功能可以在 chrome:flags#enable-accessibility-page-zoom 中找到。一旦启用,你可以通过点击地址栏中的锁定图标来调整缩放。下次访问这个网站时,Chrome 会记住这个设置。

为 CSS 提供更好的 HDR 支持

Google 在 Chrome 94 开始测试一项 CSS 功能,以检测设备屏幕是否支持 HDR 内容。该功能现在已经在 Chrome 97 中上线。这使网页开发人员能够基于用户的显示设备来决定是否启用 HDR 内容,而此前只能全开或全不开,从而影响用户体验。


  • Keyboard Map API:Chrome 97 有一个新的 Keyboard Map API,有助于识别不同键盘布局下的按键(可查看综合新闻解释)。



Chrome v97.0.4692.71 正式版(2022-01-05)

谷歌浏览器v97正式版主要更新,引入了WebTransport API,WebTransport是一个类似于WebRTC数据通道的协议框架,但主要是用于受网络安全模型限制的客户端,使用安全、多复式传输与远程服务器进行通信。WebTransport使用HTTP/3协议进行双向传输。与基于TCP的WebSockets不同,WebTransport依赖于类似UDP的数据包和可取消的流。WebTransport目前处于W3C的工作草案状态。Chrome 97还增加了用于HDR显示检测的 CSS媒体查询、新的JavaScript方法、更多的本地网络应用支持等。

谷歌浏览器v96正式版主要更新,允许用户在Experiments页面中通过启用指定实验flag,可以在用户界面上启用Windows 11风格的右键菜单。更具体地说,Google增加了一个新的Windows 11风格菜单标志,允许浏览器“尽可能使用Windows 11风格的菜单”,因此与系统的其他界面保持一致。默认情况下,这个标志仍然是禁用的,很可能是因为Google一直在努力完善它,所以预计在即将到来的更新中会有这方面的额外消息。其他还增加了一些次要的开发者功能,一些用户改进,如桌面上的后向缓存,以及问题修复和安全维护工作。

谷歌浏览器v95正式版主要更新,保存标签组功能在桌面网络浏览器中正成为一种趋势,在你关闭Chrome时不必担心丢失和不得不重新创建,因为一个简单的切换将让你保存这些组以便将来使用。Chrome 95开始强制执行的cookie大小限制、以及取消对FTP文件传输协议的支持,cookie的名称+值的大小严格限制为最大4096字节,每个属性的长度最多为1024字节,超长部分将被彻底拒绝。Chrome 95增强了用户代理(UA)的客户端提示,以迎合不同Windows版本的检测。Chrome 95还取消了对FTP文件传输协议的支持。细心的用户应该发现,Chrome已不支持FTPS等加密型FTP连接,也缺乏相应的代理支持。


Chrome v97.0.4692.71,此更新包括37个安全修复程序。

[$TBD][1275020] Critical CVE-2022-0096: Use after free in Storage. Reported by Yangkang (@dnpushme) of 360 ATA on 2021-11-30
[$10000][1117173] High CVE-2022-0097: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools. Reported by David Erceg on 2020-08-17
[$10000][1273609] High CVE-2022-0098: Use after free in Screen Capture. Reported by @ginggilBesel on 2021-11-24
[$5000][1245629] High CVE-2022-0099: Use after free in Sign-in. Reported by Rox on 2021-09-01
[$TBD][1238209] High CVE-2022-0100: Heap buffer overflow in Media streams API. Reported by Cassidy Kim of Amber Security Lab, OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd. on 2021-08-10
[$TBD][1249426] High CVE-2022-0101: Heap buffer overflow in Bookmarks. Reported by raven (@raid_akame) on 2021-09-14
[$TBD][1260129] High CVE-2022-0102: Type Confusion in V8 . Reported by Brendon Tiszka on 2021-10-14
[$TBD][1272266] High CVE-2022-0103: Use after free in SwiftShader. Reported by Abraruddin Khan and Omair on 2021-11-21
[$TBD][1273661] High CVE-2022-0104: Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE. Reported by Abraruddin Khan and Omair on 2021-11-25
[$TBD][1274376] High CVE-2022-0105: Use after free in PDF. Reported by Cassidy Kim of Amber Security Lab, OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd. on 2021-11-28
[$TBD][1278960] High CVE-2022-0106: Use after free in Autofill. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2021-12-10
[$10000][1248438] Medium CVE-2022-0107: Use after free in File Manager API. Reported by raven (@raid_akame) on 2021-09-10
[$5000][1248444] Medium CVE-2022-0108: Inappropriate implementation in Navigation. Reported by Luan Herrera (@lbherrera_) on 2021-09-10
[$4000][1261689] Medium CVE-2022-0109: Inappropriate implementation in Autofill. Reported by Young Min Kim (@ylemkimon), CompSec Lab at Seoul National University on 2021-10-20
[$3000][1237310] Medium CVE-2022-0110: Incorrect security UI in Autofill. Reported by Alesandro Ortiz on 2021-08-06
[$3000][1241188] Medium CVE-2022-0111: Inappropriate implementation in Navigation. Reported by garygreen on 2021-08-18
[$3000][1255713] Medium CVE-2022-0112: Incorrect security UI in Browser UI. Reported by Thomas Orlita on 2021-10-04
[$1000][1039885] Medium CVE-2022-0113: Inappropriate implementation in Blink. Reported by Luan Herrera (@lbherrera_) on 2020-01-07
[$TBD][1267627] Medium CVE-2022-0114: Out of bounds memory access in Web Serial. Reported by Looben Yang on 2021-11-06
[$NA][1268903] Medium CVE-2022-0115: Uninitialized Use in File API. Reported by Mark Brand of Google Project Zero on 2021-11-10
[$TBD][1272250] Medium CVE-2022-0116: Inappropriate implementation in Compositing. Reported by Irvan Kurniawan (sourc7) on 2021-11-20
[$TBD][1115847] Low CVE-2022-0117: Policy bypass in Service Workers. Reported by Dongsung Kim (@kid1ng) on 2020-08-13
[$TBD][1238631] Low CVE-2022-0118: Inappropriate implementation in WebShare. Reported by Alesandro Ortiz on 2021-08-11
[$TBD][1262953] Low CVE-2022-0120: Inappropriate implementation in Passwords. Reported by CHAKRAVARTHI (Ruler96) on 2021-10-25
[1284397] Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives





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