火狐浏览器Mozilla Firefox迎来新版发布,详细版本号为v102.0.1,Firefox拥有最快、最安全的上网体验!中文名通常称为“火狐”或“火狐浏览器”(正式缩写为Fx,非正式缩写为FF),是一款主流的开源网页浏览器,使用的Gecko引擎。它能够同时支持多种网络标准;可以进行个性化定制;火狐游览器内核性能非常优秀,支持安装第三方扩展程序。#开源项目#全新火狐浏览器 Mozilla Firefox 102.0.1 正式版 附送官方FTP下载地址Mozilla Firefox v97.0.2 正式版


Firefox v102.0.1(2022-07-06)


Firefox v102正式版主要更新
改进了下载用户界面,在画中画中提供了更好的字幕支持,还有各种修复和安全改进。厌倦了太多的窗口挤在你的屏幕上?你现在可以禁用每次开始新的下载时自动打开下载面板的功能。在ETP严格模式下浏览网站时,Firefox现在可以减轻查询参数跟踪。现在HBO Max、Funimation、Dailymotion、Tubi、Disney+ Hotstar和SonyLIV都可以提供画中画(PiP)的字幕和说明。这允许你在主屏幕上浏览应用程序或浏览内容时,在一个小窗口中查看视频,并将其固定在屏幕的一个角落。

Firefox browser Mozilla Firefox ushered in a new version release, the detailed version number is v102.0.1, Firefox has the fastest and safest online experience! The Chinese name is usually called “Firefox” or “Firefox” (formally abbreviated as Fx, informally abbreviated as FF), which is a mainstream open source web browser that uses the Gecko engine. It can support a variety of network standards at the same time; it can be customized; the performance of the Firefox browser kernel is very good, and it supports the installation of third-party extensions. #Open Source Project# The new Firefox browser Mozilla Firefox 102.0.1 official version comes with the official FTP download address

New version changes

Firefox v102.0.1 (2022-07-06)


The main update of the official version of Firefox v102,
Improved download UI, better subtitle support in picture-in-picture, and various fixes and security improvements. Tired of too many windows crowding your screen? You can now disable the ability to automatically open the download panel every time you start a new download. Firefox now mitigates query parameter tracking when browsing websites in ETP strict mode. Picture-in-picture (PiP) subtitles and captions are now available on HBO Max, Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Disney+ Hotstar, and SonyLIV. This allows you to view videos in a small window while browsing apps or content on the home screen, and pin it to a corner of the screen.

History update

The main update of the official version of Firefox v101,
The old download prompt is back, and Firefox 101 brings back the old download prompt that Mozilla ditched in January 2022. Starting with Firefox97, the browser automatically initiates the download without first asking what to do with the file. Many Firefox users didn’t like this behavior, so Mozilla decided to bring it back while keeping the new option to switch to a Chromium-like download experience. Other changes include support for multiple microphones during video conferencing, and support for a magnifying glass in tables on Android 9 and above. In addition, the Firefox browser now supports the prefers-contrast media query, allowing websites to detect whether users are requesting higher or lower contrast for web content.

The main update of the official version of Firefox v100,
Scrollbars have changed for Linux and Windows 11. By default, scrollbars don’t take up space, but this behavior can be modified with the “Overlay Scrollbars” feature in the Firefox preference area. Firefox 100 users on Windows can invoke hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding when using a supported GPU/driver, but Firefox on Linux currently does not allow hardware-accelerated AV1 with newer GPUs. Firefox 100 also supports running the players included in Amazon Prime Video/YouTube/Netflix in picture-in-picture mode, supports picture-in-picture video subtitles for websites using WebVTT, and the browser’s built-in spell checker now supports multilingual concurrency , improved prioritization between drawing and handling other events, and various other small changes.


Firefox v101正式版主要更新,
旧版下载提示回归,Firefox 101恢复了Mozilla在2022年1月抛弃的旧的下载提示。从Firefox97开始,浏览器自动启动下载,而不首先询问如何处理该文件。许多Firefox用户不喜欢这种行为,因此Mozilla决定恢复它,同时继续保留切换到类似Chromium的下载体验的新版选项。其他变化包括在视频会议期间支持多个麦克风,以及在Android 9及以上版本的表格中支持放大镜。另外,Firefox浏览器现在支持prefers-contrast媒体查询,允许网站检测用户是否要求使用更高或更低的对比度的网页内容。

Firefox v100正式版主要更新,
Linux和Windows 11的滚动条发生了改动,默认情况下,滚动条不会占用空间,但这种行为可以通过Firefox偏好区的”叠加滚动条”功能来修改。Windows上的Firefox 100用户在使用支持的GPU/驱动时,可以调用硬件加速的AV1视频解码,但Linux上的Firefox目前不允许使用较新的GPU进行硬件加速的AV1。Firefox 100还支持在画中画模式下运行亚马逊Prime Video/YouTube/Netflix这些视频网站包含的播放器,支持使用WebVTT的网站的画中画视频字幕,浏览器的内置拼写检查器现在支持多语言并发,改进了绘图和处理其他事件之间的优先级,以及其他各种小变化。


Mozilla Firefox v102.0.1 官方简体中文正式版(2022-07-06)

Mozilla Firefox v102.0 ESR 官方简体中文版(2022-06-27)


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