FreeBSD 13.1 releases a second beta.

Major updates

Updated support for ZFS file systems based on the upstream OpenZFS 2.1.3
Fix buf_alloc() and _sfvwrite() codes
Added support for obtaining early entropy from UEFI
Fix openSSL issues
Fixed race condition issue for multi-core systems
Other bug fixes

For details, see the announcement.

According to reports, FreeBSD 13.1 brings many fixes and improvements, especially in the case of running this operating system on RISC-V and PowerPC hardware. According to the release schedule, FreeBSD 13.1 will be available in one or two beta versions this month, followed by up to three release candidates, officially expected to be released around April 26.

FreeBSD 13.1 发布了第二个 Beta 测试版。


根据上游的 OpenZFS 2.1.3 更新了对 ZFS 文件系统的支持
修复 buf_alloc() 和 _sfvwrite() 代码
增加对从 UEFI 获取早期 entropy 的支持
修复 OpenSSL 问题
修复 multi-core 系统的资源竞争 (race condition) 问题
其他 bug 修复


据介绍,FreeBSD 13.1 带来了许多修复和改进,特别是在 RISC-V 和 PowerPC 硬件上运行此操作系统的场景。按照发布计划,FreeBSD 13.1 本月将推出一到两个 beta 版本,随后将发布多达三个候选版本,正式预计在 4 月 26 日左右发布。