DxO Nik Collection 中文版发布。今天小编给大家分享的是由谷歌出品的 Photoshop Nik Collection 滤镜插件。Nik Collection这套 Photoshop 滤镜是 Dxo 收购 Google(谷歌) 开发的 Nik Collection 重新推出的一套专注于图像后期处理、调色的 Photoshop 滤镜套装,包括降噪、选择性编辑、高动态成像、图像美化、黑白照片和锐化等六个 PS 滤镜插件的合集,这套价值149美金的PS滤镜插件已经成为摄影师们最佳助手之一。它集成了很多PS滤镜,很强悍!支持 Photoshop CS4~CC 2019 版本 64 位以及 LR 插件支持。

DxO Nik Collection Chinese version released. Today, I will share with you the Photoshop Nik Collection filter plug-in produced by Google. This set of Photoshop filters from Nik Collection is a set of Photoshop filters re-launched by Nik Collection developed by Dxo’s acquisition of Google (Google), focusing on image post-processing and color correction, including noise reduction, selective editing, high dynamic imaging, image A collection of six PS filter plug-ins, including beautification, black and white photos, and sharpening, this $149 PS filter plug-in has become one of the best assistants for photographers. It integrates a lot of PS filters, very powerful! Support Photoshop CS4~CC 2019 version 64 bit and LR plugin support.

DxO Nik Collection Description

Nik Collection has a full set of 7 powerful image processing plug-ins, namely Color Efex Pro (image toning filter), HDR Efex Pro (HDR imaging filter), Silver Efex Pro (black and white film filter), Viveza (selective adjustment filter), Sharpener Pro (sharpening filter), Dfine (noise reduction filter), Analog Efex Pro (film effect filter), are essential image post-processing filters for photographers and design enthusiasts.

The Nik Collection set of PS filters is a set of PS filters re-launched after Google (Google) acquired Nik Software, focusing on image post-processing and color correction, including noise reduction, selective editing, high dynamic imaging, image beautification, A collection of six PS filter plug-ins such as black and white photos and sharpening, this $149 PS filter plug-in has become one of the best assistants for photographers. It integrates a lot of PS filters, very powerful!

Color Efex Pro
A complete set of filters for color correction, retouching images and providing creative effects.
Look for inspiring visuals as an opportunity for future development. Visual effects presets offer a wide range of options that can be used as a starting point for your ongoing pursuit of photographic art.

Google Nik Collection Chinese Version

Unlimited swaying space
Color Efex Pro has 55 filters. Multiple filters can be stacked and used in unlimited quantities, giving you the freedom to create unique image effects. You can save your favorite filter combinations and apply the same visual effects to other images in the future with just one click.

Precision is king
Control points make filters even more powerful. You can apply different filters to specific parts of an image to make every element in the image “shine”.

Silver Efex Pro
Master the art of black and white photography with this darkroom-inspired control.

unique algorithm
Improved black and white controls deliver great results quickly, and tools like Dynamic Brightness, Soft Contrast, Emphasize Whites, Emphasize Blacks, and an advanced Granular Engine give you the freedom to be creative.

Google Nik Collection Chinese Version

universal tool kit
Whether you’re imitating nearly 20 popular film types, accomplishing tonal and border corrections, or tweaking pictures for high-quality black and white, Silver Efex Pro controls the entire picture process.

More editing space
The “History Browser” built into Silver Efex Pro lets you experiment with different visual effects, compare different edit states of pictures, and undo adjustments at any time.

Selectively adjust the color and tone of your pictures without making complex masks or selections.

Let Jingxiu go down the altar
You can choose exactly where to apply enhancements without using complex selections or layer masks. Changes are automatically applied to the image and blend naturally into the entire image, resulting in a stunning visual effect.

Many controls, all at once
Easy-to-use sliders allow you to quickly adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, reds, greens, blues, tint, and color temperature; while unique Structure controls enhance texture and detail without superfluous Artificial marks or halos.

Global adjustment, fast speed
Apply optimizations like color, lighting, and composition to the entire image, and then optionally fine-tune your changes later. Various layers and curves are also included in Viveza to further control contrast and tone.

HDR Efex Pro
From nature to art, discover the endless possibilities of HDR photography.

Make more creativity possible
HDR Efex Pro offers a wide range of options for any image, allowing you to create incredibly natural and artistic HDR photos with powerful controls.

Fine tune the picture
You can restore lost highlights, remove shadows, and adjust tones to get the natural and perfectly balanced picture you want.

better starting point
It offers a unique combination of one-click presets to get your photo manipulation off to a good start. You can pick the style you like, then adjust the details to create your own look.

Sharpener Pro
Bring out the hidden details with the professional’s preferred image sharpening tool.

Attention to detail
Enhance subtle details and textures to create uniquely styled pictures. The three tools of “Structure”, “Local Contrast” and “Focus” provide users with a variety of creative and multi-creative sharpening options.

selective sharpening
Use control points to selectively apply enhancements to lock the viewer’s eye into the correct area. The enhancements blend in perfectly, giving the image a natural look.

Customized for printers
Create visually stunning images for display, inkjet, continuous-tone, halftone, hybrid, and more. Output Sharpener can reduce the loss of detail caused by using different output methods.

Google Nik Collection Chinese Version

Enhance picture quality with noise reduction tailored for your camera.

everything under control
Contrast and color noise reduction can be adjusted separately with Dfine 2, making it easy to control the type and level of noise reduction in your photos.

Tailored to the camera
A unique profile is automatically created for each image to ensure that noise reduction is only applied to noisy parts, thus preserving as much detail as possible.

Maximize detail
This feature is only applied to the areas that need to be denoised in order to preserve picture details to the greatest extent possible. Control points allow you to selectively remove noise without using a mask.

Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Adobe Photoshop CS4 to CC 2022
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 to 11 (except HDR Efex Pro 2 which is not compatible with Photoshop Elements)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3 to v5

GPU Compatibility:
NVIDIA GeForce 8 series, GeForce 9 series, GeForce 100 series, GeForce 200 series, GeForce 300 series, GeForce 400 series, GeForce 500 series, ATI Radeon HD2000 series, Radeon HD3000 series, Radeon HD4000 series, Radeon HD5000 series, Radeon HD6000 series and Intel HD Graphics 3000

If there is no compatible graphics card, the system will disable GPU acceleration and use the CPU.

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DxO Nik Collection 说明

Nik Collection全套有 7 款强大的图像处理插件,分别为 Color Efex Pro (图像调色滤镜)、HDR Efex Pro (HDR成像滤镜)、Silver Efex Pro (黑白胶片滤镜)、Viveza (选择性调节滤镜)、Sharpener Pro (锐化滤镜)、Dfine (降噪滤镜)、Analog Efex Pro(胶片特效滤镜),是摄影师和设计爱好者的必备图像后期处理滤镜。

Nik Collection这套PS滤镜是Google(谷歌)收购Nik Software后重新推出的一套专注于图像后期处理、调色的PS滤镜套装,包括降噪、选择性编辑、高动态成像、图像美化、黑白照片和锐化等六个PS滤镜插件的合集,这套价值149美金的PS滤镜插件已经成为摄影师们最佳助手之一。它集成了很多PS滤镜,很强悍!

Color Efex Pro

Google Nik Collection 中文版

Color Efex Pro 拥有 55 款滤镜。多个滤镜可以堆叠使用,数量不限,让您可以自由打造独一无二的图片视效。您可以将自己最满意的滤镜组合保存起来,日后只需轻轻一点,即可将在其他图片上应用同样的视效。


Silver Efex Pro


Google Nik Collection 中文版

不论是模仿近 20 种流行的胶片类型,完成色调和边框校正,还是调整图片制作优质黑白效果,都可以通过 Silver Efex Pro 控制整个图片处理流程。

Silver Efex Pro 中内置的“历史记录浏览器”可以让您随时尝试使用不同的视效、对比图片的不同编辑状态,并可以随时撤消调整。




将颜色、光线和构图等优化效果应用于整张图片,之后还可以选择性微调所做的修改。Viveza 中还包含各种层次和曲线,用以进一步控制对比度和色调。

HDR Efex Pro
从自然到艺术,发掘 HDR 摄影的无限可能。

HDR Efex Pro 能够为任何图片提供范围广泛的选项,让您能利用多种强大控件创造无比自然且极具艺术效果的 HDR 照片。



Sharpener Pro



为显示设备、喷墨式打印设备、连续色调打印设备、半色调打印设备、混合打印设备等创造有视觉张力的精美图片。Output Sharpener 能够减少由于使用不同输出方式所造成的细节丢失。

Google Nik Collection 中文版


使用 Dfine 2 可以分别调整对比度和颜色的降噪程度,因而能轻松控制照片降噪类型和降噪程度。



Windows Vista®、Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10、Windows 11
Adobe Photoshop CS4 至 CC 2022
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 至 11(与 Photoshop Elements 不兼容的 HDR Efex Pro 2 除外)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 第 3 版至第 5 版

GPU 兼容性:
NVIDIA GeForce 8 系列、GeForce 9 系列、GeForce 100 系列、GeForce 200 系列、GeForce 300 系列、GeForce 400 系列、GeForce 500 系列,ATI Radeon HD2000 系列、Radeon HD3000 系列、Radeon HD4000 系列、Radeon HD5000 系列、Radeon HD6000 系列以及 Intel HD Graphics 3000

如果没有兼容的显卡,系统将禁用 GPU 加速并使用 CPU。