Debian 项目宣布推出 Debian 10.9。新上线的 ISO 映像文件可以用来全新安装 Debian,它包含了所有最新的软件包更新。如果您的电脑上已经安装了 Debian 9,就不需要下载 Debian 10.9,只需将所有可用的

The Debian Project announced the release of Debian 10.9. The newly-launched ISO image file can be used for a fresh installation of Debian, and it contains all the latest package updates. If you already have Debian 9 installed on your computer, you don’t need to download Debian 10.9, just apply all available updates to your system and you can use the latest version.

For Debian 10.9, the development team described this:

“The Debian project is pleased to announce the ninth update of its stable release Debian 10 (code-named buster). This version mainly adds corrections to security issues, as well as adjustments to some serious issues… Please note that this release is not It constitutes a new version of Debian 10, but only updates some of the packages. There is no need to throw away the old buster media. After installation, you can use the latest Debian mirror to upgrade the packages to the current version.”

Some of the packages updated in Debian 10.9 include LibreOffice, Linux kernel, Python, Firefox ESR, Chromium and Tor, and the Debian installer has also been updated to include the latest fixes.

Debian 10 was first released on July 6, 2019, and will continue to receive updates until 2024. Since the major version of Debian is released every two years, we should see Debian 11 at some point this year, but so far no release date has been given. After the release, Debian 10 will be downgraded from Stable to Old Stable, and Debian 9 will be stopped in 2022.

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对于Debian 10.9,开发组对此描述:

“Debian项目很高兴地宣布其稳定发行版Debian 10(代号为buster)的第九次更新。这个版本主要增加了对安全问题的修正,以及一些严重问题的调整…请注意,该点发布并不构成 Debian 10 的新版本,而只是更新了其中的一些软件包。没有必要扔掉旧的buster介质。安装后,可以使用最新的Debian镜像将软件包升级到当前版本。”

Debian 10.9中更新的部分软件包包括LibreOffice、Linux内核、Python、Firefox ESR、Chromium和Tor,Debian 的安装程序也已经更新到包括最新的修复程序。

Debian 10于2019年7月6日首次发布,并将继续接受更新直到2024年。由于Debian的大版本每两年发布一次,我们应该在今年的某个时间点看到Debian 11,但到目前为止还没有给出发布日期。发布后,Debian 10将从Stable降级为Old Stable,而Debian 9将在2022年中被停止更新。